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1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

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  • 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

    I have a 33 Evinrude Ski Twin. I think it's a 1965. It has been in my familly for years, and is in very good condition. I'm pretty sure it's ready to run.
    I know a lot about 2 strokes and outboards in general. The problem is I can't find the ignition box for the motor. I am an electrician and have no problem building a new one, but what I can't figure out is how this motor charges the battery. There doesn't seem to be a 12V generator on this motor.
    The wiring harness has 2 black wires from the coils to kill the motor, a white wire that is for the saftey cut-out switch and a red wire for the power choke.
    The blue and yellow wires that on many other models would be the generator wires, have factory caps on them.
    Any one know how this motor charges the battery, or what important parts might be in the ignition box, that i might not know about?

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    Re: 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

    I am pretty sure that year of outboard requires a separate "generator". It doesn't have the charge coils built into the stator on this year. If it doesn't have the generator, I am sure you can find one on ebay, but expect to pay a good price for it, as they are expensive.


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      Re: 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

      most in those years did not come with a generator. As stated they can be converted, but parts can be expensive. If you flywheel is not set up for the gen belt you will need to change that first. Then get a generator and a belt. the belts are na so you will need to find a used one. Then inside the starter box will be the voltage regulator. It's better to just charge the battery for all the money it will cost you. I have run motors for days without needing to charge the battery. It is not needed once the motor is running. If you are not running lights and ect a well charged and maintained battery will more than get you through a weekend.


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        Re: 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

        if it has a generator it is a separate unit opposite the starter usually. belt driven.

        all that motor requires for a wiring harness is a starter solenoid, and battey cables, kill switch. i set mine up with just a push button starter switch, and a toggle switch to kill the motor.

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          Re: 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

          A voltage regulator for a generator will set you back about a hundred bucks.


          • #6
            Re: 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

            Get a solar trickle charger - they put out about 2 watts and work well. I have one on my pontoon for my '57 Lark electric start, with lights and fish finder. I put her in the water in April and take her out in October and don't have to put an external charge on the battery all summer.


            • #7
              Re: 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

              Thanks, that's what I was thinking of doing, but wasn't sure if it would be enough power to really be worth while. They have a solar trick charger on sale at Princess Auto right now i think. Maybe I'll go get it. My biggest problem is that i have an electric Minnkota trolling motor to run aswell. I can't believe they didn't come with a charging system.
              Thanks for the tips.


              • #8
                Re: 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

                tashasdaddy, thanks for the diagram. I have a starter solonoid already and some push buttons and swithches in my garage. I should have this wired up this afternoon. I might have to keep two batteries onboard for the electric trolling motor, cause I'm not going to all the trouble to get a generator hooked up. This motor has a pull start on top of it as well in case of dead battery. So I guess it should be ok.

                Thanks again


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                  Re: 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

                  Hi there,
                  New to this forum, just bought a boat, motor & trailer (cheap) and the motor is a 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin. I've been fixing it up and am now replacing the head gasket. Just wondering if anyone knows the torque settings for this motor for the head bolts....thanks for any help!


                  • #10
                    Re: 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

                    Scott, first welcome to iboats.

                    This is an old thread about a different issue. Its better to start your own thread. I recommend that you entitle it, "1965 Evinrude 33hp Head Bolt Torque," or something like that. This allows people to understand right away, what engine you have and what the issue is.

                    By tacking your question on to an issue about something else, you just might be missing answers, because people who don't know anything about electrical systems, might not open the thread at all. At the same time, they might know the answer to your question and might have given the answer, if they knew what the question actually was.

                    Go ahead an open up your own thread - I'll bet you get an answer quickly.

                    Please don't PM me on advice issues - let's keep that in the forums, so that everyone can benefit. Please note that I do not email PDFs, etc. I have a bandwidth limited aircard for internet access. My avatar does not mean I have any offical link to iboats. I just like it!


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                      Re: 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

                      Thanks, i realized that after (new to forums in general), but not sure how to remove it from this one....somehow I've ended up with it in about three places so I'm sorry!!!

                      Thanks so much for your help!


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                        Re: 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

                        Welcome to iboats forums. The torque is 168-192 Inch Pounds. Please, in the future start a new thread when introducing a new topic.


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                          Re: 1965 33 Evinrude Ski Twin

                          Thank you SO much, I did start one but too late....learning forums and motors at the same time. I'll post my other question on my new thread. Thanks for your help.