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short stop fuses

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  • short stop fuses

    i have a 1998 85hp evinrude, and a 1998 15hp evinrude on my boat. and while replacing the battery yesterday, i noticed that there were three of these fuses attached to the battery leads from the motors. they look like they need to be replaced. they are marked as follows.

    shortstop 24vd30-20a
    shortstop 24vd19-30a

    are these really necessary? and if so do i have to go to a dealer to replace. thanks for the help

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    Re: short stop fuses

    Those are probably auto-reset circuit breakers. Why do you think they need replacement? Are the circuits they protect not working? Corrosion?

    If everything's working, and the housings for the breakers are intact, you probably don't need to replace them.

    What do these "fuses" look like?

    Sure...go ahead and laugh at my old aluminum boat. It's paid for!


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      Re: short stop fuses

      Circuit breakers are easier to replace than burned up wiring and engine components. You could replace them with fuses if you wanted.


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        Re: short stop fuses

        these fuses are a total wreck, salt water is the reason. should i use an inline fuse to replace???? thanks


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          Re: short stop fuses

          Yah, you can use inline fuses. Just make sure you have spares on board in case you blow one.

          Sure...go ahead and laugh at my old aluminum boat. It's paid for!


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            Re: short stop fuses

            after using just what little brain i have left, i put the charged battery back in the boat, and attached the pos and neg wires and then touched off the wires one at a time, and found that one is the bilge, one is the rear livewell, and the other is the front livewell. i think i will still inline fuse these. thanks again.