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Evinrude Fisherman 5.5 Fuel

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  • Evinrude Fisherman 5.5 Fuel

    I recently acquired SN 5522 which I am assuming to be a 1961 motor. I was told to mix 50 to 1 gas/oil. However, I read here somewhere that this motor should be 25 to 1 mix. What is it?

    Also, I know a big goose egg about boat motors. I would appreciate links to the best place for parts, manuals, advice from experienced folks.
    The motor has not been run in years but was "fogged" beofre it was stored, whatever that means. Next?

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    Re: Evinrude Fisherman 5.5 Fuel

    Your motor is a 1961. Use 24:1 87 octane gas to TC-W3 outboard motor oil. Everything you need to know about maintaining it is available at the following website.



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      Re: Evinrude Fisherman 5.5 Fuel

      Thank you very much for the helpful information. 24 to 1 it is.

      I hope the previous owner did not damage it too much running 50 to 1.


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        Re: Evinrude Fisherman 5.5 Idle

        It figured up for me and ran! Amazing. The motor had not been run for 15 years. Along the way someone updated the fuel pump so no worries about that.

        I notice that when I try to turn the speed control to slow that the motor dies. I presume that suggests a varnished jet in the low idle? I think my next move is a carb re-build but if there is something else that I should explore I'll appreciate ideas.


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          Re: Evinrude Fisherman 5.5 Idle

          Before you run it anymore, replace the impeller. Check your coils to ensure they aren't cracked, sweaty or discoloured. The originals have a 100% failure rate even if they run in a barrel. Also replace the cork seal and o-ring that sit on top of the driveshaft. Since you have to take the powerhead off to replace the impeller it'll be easy to do. The website I gave you will show you what to do. The "exploding pressure tank" stuff is nonsense.

          The carb might be dirty or it may just need to be adjusted, but you have to make the adjustments while under way on a boat. Those marks are just a guide. They shouldn't be taken literally.


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            Re: Evinrude Fisherman 5.5

            Thanks Wayne, all good information. I ran it on the Erie Canal for about an hour this evening. I have it attached to my 55 Tompson Cartopper.
            I'll pick up the impeller and seals tomorrow and do these next. I did replace the lower unit oil before I went out. Nasty stuff came out.
            It's quite amazing how well it ran on the boat. The low idle issue seemed a non-issue once I was underway.

            The link that you sent is really quite amazingly good. Worth it's weight in gold.


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              Re: Evinrude Fisherman 5.5

              If it ran fine then the coils are probably good, but take a look anyway. I can't hurt to clean and set the points anyway.

              They do usually run better on the water than in a barrell. Enjoy the motor. I have a 1962 that is a beautiful runner, too.


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                Re: Evinrude Fisherman 5.5 Fuel

                I ran it again the other night for about 1 1/2 hrs. It really seems to run quite well. Except, if I open the throttle all the way it bogs down and wants to stall and if I try to run it on very low speeds it does the same. Thre seems to be a real fine balance for the throttle position and carb richness to get it right. It seems almost like the throttle linkage is not "dialed in". That is an adustment that will be made wehen I do the carbs I suppose.
                It's really quite amazing to me that this things runs as well as it does.
                I did order a spare coil, just in case.


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