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Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

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  • Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

    First day of vacation and my VRO pump starts acting up !!!!
    I have read so much here that I knew my options. Nowhere near a computer and 450 miles from home !!!!
    Local dealer had a replacement pump at $508:00
    Asked for a regular fuel pump and was told it would not fit.
    Told them that i would "make it fit"
    Got a pre-mix pump from a 1982 150HP for $82:00 (OMC part) Aftermarket was available at $56:00 and 2 day delivery. No Brainer decision for us as we would spend almost the difference in gas for the car to go and get it 2 days later !!!
    Made an adaptor bracket at the cottage from an old cookie sheet.
    Couple of nuts and bolts from my toolbox stash. Drill a couple of holes (always take the cordless on vacation with a small handfull of bits)
    Put 2 stroke oil in the internal tank (overdo it slightly to make certain I have enough in)
    Pumped the bulb into a gas can till I saw pre-mix coming through
    Put the unknown mix gas in the truck.
    Remove plugs and put a little oil in there (small amount)
    Fire her up.
    Smoked like crazy for about 20 seconds.
    Running like a charm now although a little smokey on the first tank.
    I also disconnected the oil warning wire and plugged off the oil line.
    Ran great for the balance of the vacation.
    Once home removed the oil tank and lines and tidied up the oil line feed to the motor.
    Just have to remember to pre-mix from here on. Should not be an issue !!!!
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    Last edited by kenmyfam; October 3rd, 2009, 12:17 PM. Reason: Rotated a photo and added one
    sigpicMarada 2100 Executive Series, 5 Litre V8 with Mercruiser Alpha 1 outdrive. 2007 K-Z Spree 260 RBH, all = a whole lot of family fun !!!!

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    Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

    Excellent ingenuity.


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      Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

      Originally posted by kenmyfam View Post
      First day of vacation and my VRO pump starts acting up !!!!

      What were you seeing when it started failing? Thanks. Great save on the vacation!


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        Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

        what did you do for a pulse line? nice install.
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          Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

          You're the kind of person we all need to have with us if we are stranded on a deserted island! Just like the Professor on Gilligans Island, you could probably figure out how to make phones out of coconuts!!!

          As to your dilema, everytime I go on vacation, I have one large box of tools, and another large box of pieces of aluminum sheet, rods and tube, steel goodies, TIE WRAPS, nuts, bolts, screws and basically, everything I hope I DON'T ever need to use, but happy as a clam that I have it when something happens!
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            Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

            I did a bigger reply to this in the Doral section.....we both have Dorals and this happend on the lake where I have a cottage. Like I posted there I'm stashing a liter of 100 to 1 syn oil to dump in the tank in case of VRO trouble when out on the lake. I am also starting to think about buying a pump that would replace mine if it failed and just keep it and a homemade bracket in stock. The whole thing is less than 100 bucks and it sure could save a long weekend. I'd like to check it out up close the next time your at Ahmic if I can.....cheers......Phil


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              Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

              Some of the commercial V4 loopers came out with that same set up but they used 2 of the standard pumps. One is borderline on supplying enough fuel volume / pressure. Just be real careful.


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                Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

                I am also curious about the pulse line. I am going to have to do mine soon.


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                  Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

                  Mine is only a 90 hp so maybe volume not as much a problem.?


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                    Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

                    The 90 crossflows won't be a problem. That fuel pump was stock equipment for many years. If your 90 is the 60* looper, I'd be very cautious. The oil injection pump has a lot more capacity. Personally, I'd never go without oil injection.


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                      Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

                      Mine is an 86 90 hp. As for oil injection I much prefer it. Over the years have had lots of bikes and snowmobiles with oil injection and never have had an issue. Mind you both the bikes and sleds have used much simplier systems that were reliable and easy to service, not like this OMC conglomeration of lines pumps wires etc. My old 1980 Yamaha 340 sled had oil injection and the three sleds we have now use oil injection. My Ski-doo is 600ccs and makes 125 hp and the system is buletproof and simple. And the Ipone syn oil I use is almost smokeless and smells like strawberries.....lol


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                        Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

                        The OMC / BRP system for motors like yours is the simplest on the market. There are no hoses running all over like on a Yamaha or Merc. You have 2 lines in - one for gas, one for oil. Both go to the pump and come out the single outlet which feeds the carbs. Very neat system.


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                          Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

                          I have a "pulse" line as well, along with I think three wires. Like I said look at a bike or sled. Mechanically driven pump.....like your car..... a handfull of moving parts . One line in one out, fits in the palm of your hand. Like your cars oil pump works the life of the unit. .I had Japanese bikes in the 70's with oil injection and it worked well. With the moderen oils works even better. I would like to keep the system if it fails but that price for a pump is a little over the top. Have to see how it holds out.


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                            Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

                            have never heard of these fuel volume problems in any of the other conversion posts i have read?


                            not saying you dont know what your talking about just dont remember reading about it.


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                              Re: Now a Pre-Mixer. (Photos)

                              Usually when someone wants to replace a non-injection pump they use the one that looks like an injection pump without the oil side. Those pumps, both injected and non-injected, have more than enough capacity for a V4 or V6 looper.

                              On the V4 looper motors that OMC made without the injection type pumps they used 2 of the standard pumps much like on a V6 crossflow from the late 70's & 80's. Loopers live on fuel pressure & volume. On any we run we even change out the small "looper" needle & seats for the crossflow seats with larger inlets. I'm just concerned about leaning out a cylinder.