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1963 40hp Gale wiring

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  • 1963 40hp Gale wiring

    Can someone tell me where a couple of wires go on the ignition switch end of this motor? Have original wiring harness, but no ignition switch. Wires in question are the two black ones that go under the flywheel, and the white one that goes to what appears to be a high throttle sensor. Model # of motor is 40DE17B.

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    Re: 1963 40hp Gale wiring

    If I am not mistaken, your motor was made by OMC and is essentially the same as the OMC 40hp motors of that year. You might want to put a post in the Johnson/Evinrude section because there are some very knowledgable folks there.
    Please don't PM me on advice issues - let's keep that in the forums, so that everyone can benefit. Please note that I do not email PDFs, etc. I have a bandwidth limited aircard for internet access. My avatar does not mean I have any offical link to iboats. I just like it!


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      Re: 1963 40hp Gale wiring

      At the key switch: The two black wires are the stop wires. They go to the two "M" terminals on the switch. The white wire is the start wire. It goes to the "S" terminal on the switch.

      At the motor: One black wire goes to the magneto. The other black wire goes to the center nut on the vacuum cut-out switch. Another black wire from the same nut goes to the magneto. The white wire goes to the corner of the vacuum cut-out switch. A second white wire from the same corner goes to the safety switch operated by the rotation of the magneto armature plate as you work the throttle.

      Of course, all these wires go through the junction box on their journey.


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        Re: 1963 40hp Gale wiring

        Thanks guys!!


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          Re: 1963 40hp Gale wiring

          OK, Heres one for you guys! Replaced the impeller and when I went to re-install gearcase I looked up in the motor with a flashlight to see how big a target I had to get the splined shaft back into. I could see some loose pieces laying across the hole. With a pick-up tool, I manged to pull them out. They were a rubber quad shaped o-ring about an inch id, A stainless spring, a metal retainer for the large end of the spring and parts of what seems like a ceramic washer that fits over the o-ring. Any idea what all this is and how hard it's going to be to replace?


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            Re: 1963 40hp Gale wiring

            Absolutely!! That is the lower main bearing seal, fell off the crankshaft. The powerhead MUST be removed and those parts replaced/reinstalled as required. No options here, you gotta do it. If you don't, water will get up into the bearing and destroy it and the crankshaft---if it hasn't already.


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              Re: 1963 40hp Gale wiring

              Thanks again! Kind of what I thought. Guess we'll tear it down and see what we got.