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What are signs of a bad solenoid

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  • What are signs of a bad solenoid

    I have a 1987 Johnson 88 SPL I left the cover off in the rain and when I went to start my enginge the next day, the star gear of the starter went up once then stopped and all it would do is make a noise (the battery is good), so I had it rebuilt and the same thing still happens so now I'm thinking the solenoid.. any comments

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    Re: What are signs of a bad solenoid

    The solenoid can cause that but a bad connection can too. Check all your cables for signs of corrosion and be sure they are clean and tight.
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      Re: What are signs of a bad solenoid

      You can by-pass the solenoid relatively easily for the purpose of testing. I often check solenoids by shorting across the two large terminals with a heavy metal object - commonly I use a pair of pliers. You just have to be aware you are dealing with a very high current capable system (battery) and be prepared for the inevitable noise, jerk and surprise that will occur if the starter and battery are in good shape. Avoid shorting out the pliers to anything else other than the other terminal on the opposite side of the solenoid. Then, if it cranks normally, the problem is the solenoid or the voltage that is applied to the actuating terminals of the solenoid. Generally, you can tell if the actuating voltage is adequate when you hear a heavy click upon turning the ignition to "start" position. If shorting across the solenoid still doesn't cause the starter to crank normally, the problem is most likely bad or dirty battery connections or a bad battery - which is where you should have started in the first place.


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        Re: What are signs of a bad solenoid

        90% of starter problems are bad connections. remove and clean both ends of the battery cables, so that they are shiney, also the cable from the solenoid to starter. check for nicks in the cables. and make sure the connectors are on the wire good. the cable tend to corrode from the inside out, if nicked, corroded wires, and connections, heat up and cause resistance to the follow of electricity, thus the starter doesn't get enough. you can also take jumper cable pos battery post to large post on starter. with a good connection, the engine should spin. then if the starter is good clean everything and retest. then trouble shoot solenoid. starters can be rebuit at a starter/alternator shop, much cheaper than a new one.

        also have the battery load tested at the auto parts store, free, i've had new batteries go bad
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          Re: What are signs of a bad solenoid

          As Tashasdaddy. That is great advice.
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