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WOT timing

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  • WOT timing

    I would like to check the WOT ignition timing on my J140TLCDC outboard and can't figure out a safe way to go WOT without assistance.Can this engine run WOT on muffs or does it need to be on the water? I know this may seam like a simple question but I am not sure what to do.Thanks in advance for any reply.

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    Re: WOT timing

    I don't know about the WOT timing but I don't think you should ever run any motor at WOT on muffs. I am sure the experts will be in shortly......
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      Re: WOT timing

      Joe Reeves has a method for checking/setting timing w/o the motor running. Do a search (red SEARCH text above) for "sync and link". Do not EVER run the motor over 2000 RPM on muffs.

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      Link: http://forums.iboats.com/showthread.php?t=299680

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        Re: WOT timing

        "WOW" that was fast.Thaks for the reply.I will run the search you suggested and get back to you.


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          Re: WOT timing

          Well, I ran the search every way I could emagine and could not find the procedure reffered to.Hope someone can dirrect me with a linc. Thanks


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            Re: WOT timing

            welcome to iboats!try web page
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              Re: WOT timing

              Thanks for the linc.I found the post and will put it to good use . Thanks Again


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                Re: WOT timing

                Will this method of setting the timing at WOT work the same way for all Evinrudes? In other words, is the 4 degrees retardation a standard for all Evinrudes? My motor is a 1990 V6 150HP


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                  Re: WOT timing

                  there is one other important step that I found on my Johnson 60, assuming it is similar. The method described says place throttle at full. If you do that, you may not be able to crank if there is a neutral-position-only lock out. So just leave the throttle at neutral and manually push the timer linkage to max advance and hold or wire it there against the rubber stop as you hit the crank switch.For best visibility with the timing gun, I used paper "white-out" to place three fast drying white spots: (1) on the stationary timing mark,(2)on the flywheel at the max advance mark per specs, and (3) also at -4 degrees from there, aiming to adjust to the latter when cranking.


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                    Re: WOT timing

                    Here ya' go guys. Compliments of Joe Reeves. Read it well before doing.(Timing At Cranking Speed 4°)(J. Reeves)The full spark advance can be adjusted without have the engine running at near full throttle as follows. To set the timing on that engine, have the s/plugs out, and have the throttle at full, set that timer base under the flywheel tight against the rubber stop on the end of the full spark timer advance stop screw (wire it against that stop if necessary). Rig a spark tester and have the gap set to 7/16". Hook up the timing light to the #1 plug wire. Crank the engine over and set the spark advance to 4° less than what the engine calls for. I don't know the full spark advance setting your engine calls for, but to pick a figure, say your engine calls for 28°, set the timing at 24°. The reasoning for the 4° difference is that when the engine is actually running, due to the nature of the solid state ignition componets, the engine gains the extra 4°. If you set the engine to its true setting at cranking speed, when running it will advance beyond its limit by 4° which will set up pre-ignition causing guaranteed piston damage! You don't want that to take place. No need to be concerned about the idle timing as that will take care of itself. The main concern is the full advance setting. Be sure to use your own engines spark advance settings, not the one I picked out of the air here in my notes
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                      Re: WOT timing

                      still no answer as to how to go full throttle and crank the engine at the same time.My motor will not allow me to throw throttle full open and crank engine at the same time.Please clarify.


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                        Re: WOT timing

                        both of the two previous posts tell how.for clarification and terminology, when I mentioned the neutral lockout, I meant when using the remore control lever. Of course, you do not need to do that. Use the throttle/ignition advance lever at the block itself.please read again carefully ...you are NOT ever running the engine at all during the test! The spark plugs are out and each one grounded. The test speed is while cranking, not running. With the engine thus "tricked" you are spinning by the starter motor at 250 or so rpm (plugs out) and with the ignition linkage artificially MECHANICALLY advanced, so it thinks it is "linkage" WOT, minus an "ELECTRONIC" 4 degrees Why? because when the electronics sense crank speed, a later timing is appropriate, so a default late timing of [mechanical advance minus an electronic 4 degrees] is automatically performed. So, for example, timing adjustment by this method for WOT on my motor is not for spec 19 degrees, but for 19-4=15. Yours will likely be different spec per your manual.Hope this helps. Harvey


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                          Re: WOT timing

                          I just performed the W.O.T. timing procedure myself on my 25hp twin cyl. yesterday. I located the neutral safty switch (starboard side below the rectifier) removed the wire from the switch and grounded the termanial, this allowed me to run the starter with the throttle open. Almost forgot to reconnect the wire to the switch before reinstalling the cowling, it's easy to forget. hope this helps you out.


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                            Re: WOT timing



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                              Re: WOT timing

                              and when its all said and done there is only ONE way to verify timing at WOT. especially on some of the quick start models. ya have to run it at or near full throttle with a full load, test wheel,dyno or water test. the post Joe gave usually gets ya close. however the vagaries of electronic ignitions can alter it at actual running speeds.prefered method is with a test wheel or dyno, lets you set/check the timing and at the ame time verify the engine output is correct.
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