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Getting a 70hp running again

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  • #16
    Ok next i plan on taking apart the carbs and rebuilding them and the water impeller
    Is there anything else i should do to get the motor ready to use?
    Last edited by Dennischaves; December 3rd, 2017, 10:31 AM.


    • #17
      Shopping around for parts there are so many options
      Amazon,ebay,iboats and sierra are the parts the same or is there a diffrence?
      For s couple dollars I dont want to have to do the job twice


      • #18
        When I take the carbs off the motor am i going to have to do a link&sync after i reinstall them
        Also does anyone put any sealent on the gasket between the carb and the block


        • #19
          No sealant anywhere on any gasket pertaining to a fuel system.... if anything, just oil!
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          • #20
            Ok thank you
            And im just assuming take the carb linkages off without disrupting anything?


            • #21
              Not a pro here, but I think if you don't disrupt anything taking the linkages off, you MAY be just fine..

              ​I am of the personal opinion, that if I'm going to take the carbs off, I'm going to clean them, do kits on them, and then reinstall them complete with a fresh link n sync..
              ​Just to eliminate any question about it..

              My 2 cents.. lol


              • #22
                When you reinstall the carbs to the manifold, if they are not precisely positioned on the studs as before, the throttle shafts will be affected in relation as to one to another. Therefor you must check to see that they all begin to open at the same exact time. Other than that, if you didn't mess with the rest of the linkage, it should be ok if it was ok before. But what the heck, might why not at least check it?


                • #23
                  I was afraid of that ...never having done a link&sync


                  • #24
                    Sign up today
                    They usually run just fine after installing the carburetors.-----No need to be afraid of this procedure at all !!----What are the compression values on it ?