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2hp Johnson two much gas

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  • 2hp Johnson two much gas

    Hello there...I have a 2 hp Johnson that I am rebuilding.....new coil.....carb rebuild kit....and new packing on the lean rich high low needle valves...gapped the points at .020....my problem is...it gets too much gas.....I open it up full throttle and it just chugs....I close both needle valves all the way and still gets too much gas...whatís going on?...When I close the fuel line, it will finally start to run fast and then die from fuel starvation.....put new float....needle and seat.....new packing on the needle valves....the packing was two rings of what looks like cork or something...and the one washer that was some kind of plastic....the needle valves looked like they were in good shape....

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    Got a model # ??


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      Welcome aboard.

      Did you set the float level and check the the float and needle aren't sticking?
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        '84 model, but probably representative: http://www.iboats.com/Carburetor/dm/...iew_id.1545030 Think I would note the float configuration (possible to install upside down). Also the float needle, valve, washer and the little wire clip for the needle (goes over the float arm). Let's see -- also the choke flapper in the front of the carb throat. May be closed/flooding. Gasket at the bottom of the nozzle also important for proper fuel feed. There are six lead shots that need to be in place on the model shown (replace if any were removed).


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          It is impossible for it to get any gas if you truly have both needles completely closed unless gasket #21 in oldboat1's link is missing or leaking.

          EDIT: Well also any lead shots that may be missing below the fuel level, as oldboat suggested.


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            Originally posted by boobie View Post
            Got a model # ??



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              Hello...finally learned how to reply here...update....found that the main jet needs to have a cork ring around the top to seal....it was missing....put it on and now it runs good at full throttle only....and it will race way too high on rpms....kept adjusting high speed needle...could not throttle down without it killing....canít get it to idle....all lead shots are in place....float is level and not upside down....might change spark plug....havenít yet.....gave up on it today....how about the water pump? It is spitting small amounts out through those four little holes along with exhaust. Iím using 91 octane...no ethanol....50-1 ratio....


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                1976 Johnson Outboards 2 - 2R76S CARBURETOR section
                This is the exploded view of my carb....very similar to the Evinrude...
                Hmmmm...did not paste what I wanted.


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                  The gasket is # 21 at the bottom of the nozzle, as mentioned earlier.

                  The domed fitting (#6 "plug") at the top needs to come off to clean the idle passages. The needle at the top is the idle adjustment needle (air/fuel). Initial setting is 1 to 1 1/2 turns open.


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                    Regarding the water pump, they don't spray much, more like a fine mist. But if you haven't changed the impeller and lower unit oil you should just to be sure. The impeller might pump okay until it breaks apart and causes big problems.


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                      Check reed valves?


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                        Originally posted by oldboat1 View Post
                        The gasket is # 21 at the bottom of the nozzle, as mentioned
                        The domed fitting (#6 &quot;plug&quot at the top needs to come off to clean the idle passages. The needle at the top is the idle adjustment needle (air/fuel). Initial setting is 1 to 1 1/2 turns open.
                        I will remove the dome cover....but will be a leap of faith for me....donít like doing that....will use small chisel or screw driver?....just kind of pry up on it? Then just tap new one in after cleaning?....it looks to me as though the gasket 21 goes on top of the main jet....it is a cork ring about 1/4 thick....just sits atop the jet and when you put the top of the carb back on, it pushes down on the cork gasket causing a seal around the top of the jet, thus keeping extra gas from getting sucked into the Venturi?


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                          Originally posted by Bonaventure View Post
                          Check reed valves?
                          Not quite sure how to check reed valves, but compression seems to be ok when I pull the rope....also....the person who worked on it before me had reversed the mounts that hold the fuel tank assembly.....it caused the flywheel to rub on the top housing...
                          Last edited by furpy; October 12th, 2017, 12:58 PM.


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                            Reed valves have nothing to do with compression in the cylinder.


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                              That is true, but if their condition can cause too much fuel entering the crankcase. The screws holding them in place could be loose, the reed valve gasket could be leaking. Reed valves are between the carburator and the crankcase.