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1972 Evinrude 100hp Won't Run Now

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  • 1972 Evinrude 100hp Won't Run Now

    Never had a problem with this motor running but now the motor will not run and even my boat mechanic is stumped at the moment. It is getting spark and fuel so I don't get it. Here is a list of everything the mechanic has done........1. Replaced the power pack and coil with brand new one. 2. Replaced fuel pump 3. All brand new oem spark plugs 4. Sensor Assembly 5. Rebuilt both carbs 6. Brand new throttle cable.............There was never an issue with this boat running and starting before and in fact it ran great in idle. It will try to run but then dies immediately. We tried about 30 starts until the starter got warm then stopped until we can figure sumn out. Any Suggestions ??? 😔

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    index the flywheel and see if its firing at the correct times
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    • #3
      Ok. Mechanic is coming over soon i will let you know. Thanks


      • #4
        Tested the rotor ?-----Is there a clipper circuit installed ?-----Is there a tachometer ?


        • #5
          So now the starting solenoid is out so we couldn't try starting the motor today. Mechanic is coming back tomm. afternoon with a solenoid. I will update


          • #6
            Can I get a photo of how you did your power pack. I have called 8 places and no one will work on a 1971 in my area. Trying to find out if I wired it correct. I got the cdi version but the oem looks the same. And help be great not to still your subject. I also need to replace the starter solinoid.


            • #7
              So today the mechanic pulled the spark plugs and(brand new) hooked up some sort of spark tester square thing to the wires that shows if spark is hitting rapidly like it should. He then tried to start it and the spark was only really hitting on 1 cylinder and intermittent on another then nothing on the other 2. He then bypassed the distributor cap and hooked his timing light up and tried to start and it flashed really fast and non-stop like it should so he immediately told me that I now need a distributor cap and rotor. Uuuuuuuugh this boat is killing me. Would a bad cap and rotor be cause of really bad spark ? or should I be checking something else before I go buybyet another expensive part ? .............Diphotto, I will get a picture tommorow or Monday for you as it is dark here already. My mechanic just bought a cheap riding lawnmower starting solenoid for the time being and it worked like a charm today altho i will buying the one my engine calls for.


              • #8
                Thank you! anything will help! This power pack is killing me and im sure once its up i'll get other issues,


                • #9
                  Dipphoto....I have been busy with work but herebis a pic of my wired power pack hope this helps


                  • #10
                    Oddly enough that brings my to my UPDATE on motor. Mechanic found a distributor cap and installed it. He went to start it and now there was ZERO SPARK coming out. He did various tests and it came pack to this brand new power pack being faulty. Apparently mine was defective which pretty much just sums up my luck. I called CDI and they were very good about getting a return set up for me via a 1 year warranty. I am going to send it back with the prepaid shipping label they send me and then they are going to send me another one. I will update this post when I get it.


                    • #11
                      In your very first post, you state, and I quote "It will try to run but then dies immediately.'".

                      That normally happens when someone has 12v leading to the pulse-pack when in the START position BUT NOT in the RUN position.... Check It!

                      Also, you indicate that the engine ran perfectly before you worked on it ..... think about that! Could be some very small goof.
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                      • #12
                        Thank you for the image


                        • #13
                          I will check that tomorrow Joe Reeves, thanks......Diphotto no problem, did it help or do you need more images from other angles ?


                          • #14
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                            So I checked with my mechanic and he said he checked all that stuff Joe Reeves before making his conclusions. I shipped the CDI power pack back today. Nothing I can do now until they send me a new one. I will update soon