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1994 Johndon Fast Srike 150 Surging and Alarm at WOT

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  • 1994 Johndon Fast Srike 150 Surging and Alarm at WOT

    Ok Guys , I am having a issue with the motor surging and alarming when the RPMs get over 3800. I had issues earlier with the not running after fishing a while and would bog and not want to run then it started surging and alarming, then I took to a repair shop and he found several issues . Once he called it was ready after taking it out every thing was good with the exception of it surging and a alarm once you get over 3800 rpm. He ha shad irt for the last three weeks and has said the only thing he thinks it can be is the VRO pump is losing pressure . The last time he did a lake test once it reached 4000 rpm the fuel would intermittently lose pressure from the pump. Now the issue I have is there was a new VRO put on in March . I would like to see what you guys think befire I spend the money on a new pump . Besides he is extermily high on the new pump!!!!!!!

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    What alarm are you getting? Overheat would limit RPMs. Fuel restriction would also limit RPMs. Did you check for debris in the fuel filters and antisiphon valve?


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      It appears to be a fuel restriction alarm . Short beeps with a few seconds in between . All lines and filters been checked . Only thing that doesn't look correct is the intermittant pressure drop from the fuel pump. Temps all look good and water pressure is strong . Just confusing that once you back off to 3800 no alarm and no surging .Also checked vacuum and it is pulling 2 psi pressure constantly , I am going to swap the VRO and see if that corrects it . This pump was replaced new in March .


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        VRO pumps are very good.------I would test run with a " known to be good " portable tank and hose.


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          I have a update on the surging issue . Decided to change the fuel line from the built in tank, when I did I noticed that there is a ball check valve on the top of the tank . The ball and spring appeared to be clogged up and was not allowing the ball to open or close properly . At WOT the ball was not opening fully to allow the fuel to flow fully restricting the amount of fuel that was getting to the engine and causing the surging . In turn while you are sitting and fishing is was not closing completely and the engine would lose its prime . I can now run the engine at WOT and there is NO alarm and NO surging . I think that this was a lot of the issues all along.!!!!!


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            I think that this was a lot of the issues all along.
            Yes, time for a new repair shop or DIY.