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1990 Johnson 225 Looper V6 water tube to short?

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  • 1990 Johnson 225 Looper V6 water tube to short?

    I am replacing the water pump on my 1990 Johnson but the water tube seems to short. It goes into the plastic sleeve on the top of the water pump but doesn't go down far enough to go into the rubber seal. It looks like it goes far enough to sit on top of the tapered seal (maybe an eighth into the seal) but appears to be 1/4 to 1/2 inch to short to fully sit down into the tapered rubber seal. Before I replaced the water pump it seem to be pumping water fine with good output on The Tell Tale. The motor is new to me and was overheating which I believe was being caused by stuck thermostats. I've replaced the thermostats, pump, and I'm in the process of doing the lower unit seals. I'm trying to figure out if enough water will still be able to pump into the engine or if I'm risking decreased water flow and overheating problems. The water tube is flexible copper and I'm wondering if I can manually pull it down a little since there is a Bend up in the mid unit which would allow me to straighten the tube slightly to gain a little length or if I'm risking pulling the copper tube out of the upper seal or breaking the tube. Just trying to figure out if it's that big of a deal that should be fixed or if I should ignore it, put it back together the way it is before I risk breaking something else and causing bigger headaches.

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    Is the l.u. fully up against the housing, or a gap? If not fully in place, often the driveshaft not yet meshing up in the powerhead.


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      There is a spec for a measurement to measure from the bottom of the water tube to the bottom of the exhaust housing which will tell you if the water tube is in the correct position and not bent. But I'll be damned if I can find it. Maybe somebody else has it.


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        The lower unit is fully seated. The instructions did show a "gasket" that could go on the top of the water pump guide tube for extended models but the part number is not available. That upper gasket could solve my problem and provide the seal for the water tube but apparently it doesnt exist?