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1967 Evinrude 5hp Carb and points trouble

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  • 1967 Evinrude 5hp Carb and points trouble

    i have a 1967 evinrude 5hp outboard i have basically taken the thing apart from head to toe and replaced everything new. New head gasket, carb rebuild, water pump and lower unit seals, cleaned the entire cooling system which was apparently non-functional prior to me getting the motor. I am having trouble with the carb. I have replaced the needle, float, all gaskets, the low speed packing, the fuel pump, all the rubber hosing the works. I got a high speed orifice which was originally not on the motor to begin with, what was on there prior to my tinkering was a plug or bolt with a gasket. I screwd in the high speed orifice and put the lower unit in a trash can full of water. I primed it choked the motor, and gave it a couple of pulls. i noticed that gas was coming out of the high speed orifice where there used to be a plug. do all motors have this high speed orifice, or do some of them just have a plug which was originally on the engine. Another problem i an having is that the points are not lining up, they are kind of off set like 2 coins stacked on top of each other, but one is hanging off the side. Any suggestions?Evinrude motor components:Actual human bloodSweattearsand about $250 in new parts

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    Re: 1967 Evinrude 5hp Carb and points trouble

    You've got me lost


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      Re: 1967 Evinrude 5hp Carb and points trouble

      I'd ask the guy that gave you the orface.


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        Re: 1967 Evinrude 5hp Carb and points trouble

        I don't know what buddy gave you, but there's supposed to be a slotted bolt with a washer there. Behind that gasketed screw, inside the body of the carb is where the oriface goes. It ought to be a short brass threaded thing with a hole in it that accepts a slot screwdriver. If it's stuck, don't try to remove it. Just clean around it.A small thing that's often overlooked - do you have the thick round gasket in place that goes over the carb's main jet and seals it against the bottom of the carb bowl? That is to say, it seals the brass main jet that goes up into the venturi to the 'well' in the bowl that's fed by the high-speed oriface? I just want to make sure it's there. Are you saying the contact faces of your point aren't lining up? If so, how far are they off? Do you happen to have a P/N?Tell us what you find!


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          Re: 1967 Evinrude 5hp Carb and points trouble

          Thank you pual you answerd my question. I was running the motor without the gasketed screw in, no wonder it was leaking gas and wouldnt start. About the points, yes they are not lineing up, does that mean it is about time to replace them? Are they supposed to look like two coins stacked on top of each other?


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            Re: 1967 Evinrude 5hp Carb and points trouble

            Yeah, ideally you'll get them so that one contact is centered over the other. You can bend them and such with a pair of needle-nosed pliers so they close nice and square if they're just a little off. If they're way off, I'll ask you if the tiny metal JC retaining clip is in place on the post on which the point pivots.Many people don't bother with getting the points set up perfect, but I think it's worth it for better spark and easier starting.


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