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evinrude reliability

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  • evinrude reliability

    i have just brought a evinrude 25hp 1979 outboard i am planing a long trip on my boat and just wondered if they are reliable any common falts

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    Re: evinrude reliability

    They are very reliabile if you take care of theam they will take care of you.replace the water pump now and the spark plugs toget a carb kit and check your lower unit for water leakage.and check your fuel pump.I have a 1951 25hp and It only let me down once but it was my fault I roughted the kill switch wires wroung.evinrudes have been around for 94 years they are good motors good luck.


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      Re: evinrude reliability

      Yes, James. What what66 said.There are a lot of 40-50, even 60 year old Evinrudes still in regular service. Nothing we can say is as loud as that fact.Have a good trip.


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        Re: evinrude reliability

        I belive the 79 model 2cyl crossflows had thermostats and a pressure contro sping as well. all need periodic service and all cost the same with or without pistons. its funny you ask about reliability on a motor probly as old as half the posters on this forum. if it was not it would be scrap by now. but its kinda like asking how reliable is a 79 chevy caprice. it depends on the maint and condition it was in when ya bought it. maint cannot be neglected then caught up. in another ay if you bought that 79 chevy from a car lot in new york city would you plunk down the cash and head directly for los angeles CA? or would you check/change fuel pumps, drive belts hoses water pump cap rotor and plugs and maybe the engine and tranny oils and check the brakes ?
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          Re: evinrude reliability

          I have the same engine that I bought new in 1980. It has been extremely reliable. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. Mine has been in continuos use since purchased and it has never skipped a beat.Follow "what66" suggestions and you will be in great shape!


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            Re: evinrude reliability

            i have a 35 hp.and it runs great.i will love it and while you are at it check the oil in the lower unit.ENJOY !!!!


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              Re: evinrude reliability

              One of the BEST engines ever made. If cared for.Do you remember Jacque Cousteau? That's what was on every Zodiak on the Calypso.