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Winterizing and grease question - Nissan 9.8

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  • Winterizing and grease question - Nissan 9.8

    I was just winterizing my outboard. I just had a few questions. (This is my first outboard motor)

    It's a brand-new Nissan 9.8 electric start.

    I just completed the 10 hour break in period, and then another hour on top of that. It's now getting cold, so I've started winterizing.

    I heard you shouldn't mix grease types. The grease on the motor seems to be whitish or perhaps yellowish. What type of grease do I put into the nipples?

    As I drained the oil, I noticed that the oil had some sparkly flakes in it...they almost looked purple. There are a lot of 'markers' on the motor bolts - is that just flakes from a coloured bold inside the engine?

    I cannot for the life of me find an oil filter. I'm assuming it doesn't have one?

    I drained the fuel filter and the carb drain screw. I used extra stabilizer in the gas before I shut it down for the year. Is that good enough for the fuel system winterizing?

    Do I spray 'fogging oil' directly into the two spark plug holes? How much?

    I think that's all the questions for now! Thanks for the help!


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    Re: Winterizing and grease question - Nissan 9.8

    There's a good description of the "factory method" at

    If you even need to grease the zerks after 10 hours, use a #2 EP grease, and push the old grease out, then wipe it off, That way, you flush any contaminants out with the old grease.

    The 9.8 does not use a spin-on filter.

    If there are visible contaminants in the oil, it should definitely be changed. Since the motor does not have a filter, that is the only way old junk gets removed from the crankcase.

    I don't understand what you mean by "There are a lot of 'markers' on the motor bolts - is that just flakes from a coloured bold inside the engine?" Can you explain a little more?

    Fogging oil can be sprayed directly into the air intake while running on stabilized fuel. That way even the intake valves, etc, get coated. You can squirt some into the cylinders afterward if you want to.

    I usually drain the carb, disconnect the rubber lines both at the carb and at the inlet connector, blow them out, then reconnect them.

    Now is a good time to change the LU lube as well.
    Buffalo NY USA


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      Re: Winterizing and grease question - Nissan 9.8

      Forgot to log on to say thank you until just now - that was very helpful!