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Honda BF90 Water In Oil (AGAIN)

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  • Honda BF90 Water In Oil (AGAIN)

    Our Honda 90 Four Stroke has given us nothing but problems since we got it in 2001. Currently it only has 150 hours on it. Two years ago we noticed a large amount of water in the crankcase and took it to the dealer. They determined the block was cracked and replaced it at the tune of almost $4,000. Could have been our fault as the temperature dipped down to 10 below one night (although I am not betting on it...boat was left in water with lower unit in water). Shortly after having the block replaced we again noticed water in the crankcase (boat only had another 30 hours on it since new block). Took it back to the dealer and they put a new thermostat in and told us it was condensation build-up. 10 hours on it later...low and behold plenty of water in crankcase. Took it back to dealer again. This go around they determined it had a "faulty head" and replaced it. Would have cost $2200, but they charged us only $500. Well, now with another 15 hours on the engine we pulled about 10 oz water out of the crankcase. We are at a lost. We dont want to dump anymore $$ into this thing and are about to cut our losses and trade it in. I know Honda makes a good product. I have owned their cars and motorcycles. Has anyone else seen this with their Honda 90 outboards?

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    Re: Honda BF90 Water In Oil (AGAIN)

    any reply I have to same problem except a 9.9


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      Re: Honda BF90 Water In Oil (AGAIN)

      I am amazed that your post did not get any responses. I am not an expert by any means but it sounds as if you need to get to a Honda rep. Not only is your experience atypical of Honda it is way below what you would expect from a Yugo (if they made outboards) We have 2 Honda OBs (50 and a 130)and are as satisfied as most Honda owners. I feel for you and hope that you can contact someone who can help. I'd stay away from that dealer until you get some answers. Good luck, Granpa


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        Re: Honda BF90 Water In Oil (AGAIN)

        I agree with Granpa - this deserves to be escalated to the regional rep or someone with authority to step up. This engine is still under warranty, right?Unlike a lot of people here, I'm no expert, but it sure sounds like there's a bad seal between the cooling and lubrication systems somewhere - and if the problem has been happening since the new block, it would likely have happened in connection with that work, when a lot of seals would have to be broken and re-sealed. Really sorry to hear about all your troubles - boating has enough challenges without something like this. But before you dump the engine, it's worth making some calls. You would probably also do well to put together a written account of everything that's happened, in chronological order, and make copies of all the reciepts and work orders and such - clear documentation is a big help in these situations. Good luck!