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Honda B100L 10hp cooling-water?

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  • Honda B100L 10hp cooling-water?

    Hi,just a short one: Ive just bought a 10hp Honda 4-stroke, its one of those older models still painted in blue with a white cover. When I pull the cord it starts up immediatly and idles normal and constantly, but theres no cooling water coming out of the motor nowhere?! Is that normal, means: do these engines need a couple of minutes without a flow of coolant to warm up? Is there something like a thermostatic-valve that shuts off the coolant completly while the motor has not its correct working temperature? Have never heard about something like that but Ive also never owned a Honda before and who knows? SDeems to be a fine little motor and I dont want to cause serious damage by let it run hot.... Thanks for any hints in advance,Rotti from Germany

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    Re: Honda B100L 10hp cooling-water?

    Moving to Honda & Tohatsu/Nissan forum


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      Re: Honda B100L 10hp cooling-water?

      You should see a stream of water from the tell-tale at the rear of the cowling within seconds of start up. Hopefully a new impeller will get you running well.


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        Re: Honda B100L 10hp cooling-water?

        I have the same unit. The water was not flowing out the pee hole. It turned out that the passage ways under the manifold were plugged up. I replaced the thermostat as well as the two gaskets between the block and the manifold where the thermostat is located. Cleaned out the crude. Now it works good as new. Your Honda dealer should have all the parts you need as a kit.


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          Re: Honda B100L 10hp cooling-water?

          Rotti, I just seen another post about your lower unit. How did the impellor look?


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            Re: Honda B100L 10hp cooling-water?

            Hi Plug,thanks for your answer- what you said is exactly what I thought should happen, but it didnt.... Ive just taken the lower-unit off the motor and checked the impeller and the water-intake- everything looks fine except the small rubber seal which is seated between the waterpump- outlet and the copper tubing that leads the water up to the motor... but its not damaged so much that it could be the reason of no water comming out of the tell-tale? I have connected a small hose to the lower end of that copper-tube and filled water into it by holding the tube upwards- the water flows through the engine and comes out somewhere in the inside of the shaft (maybe the exhaust?), so at least the cooling-system isnt blocked. Its impossible to blow any air into that tell-tale by mouth, maybe theres something stuffed? To me it looks like the water is entering the motor through that fine grid which is mounted in the lower-unit, then pumped from the impeller through the cooling system, then just let out into the hollow shaft via the exhaust and from the hollow shaft it is either sucked out to the outside ( at the other side of the inlet?) by vacuum generated from the propellor thrust or just gravity when the motor idles in neutral? I know that these are a lot of guesses and maybe stupid questions but I wont get a manual over here in Germany in the next couple of days and the weather is fine so Id like to go out boating rather than sitting in my shop trying to figure out everthing by myself by re-inventing that motor..... so any more comments are highly appraised!!!!Many greetings,Rotty


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              Re: Honda B100L 10hp cooling-water?

              Hey Rattana,your answer came up just when I was writing my answer to Plug- so I didnt want to turn you down, pal! When you read my second post you can see what Ive done so far- where is that goddam thermostat LOCATED? Ive read about that thing a couple of times while checking all the other threads on Honda 10hps but so far I dont have the slightest idea where I should look for it?Greetings,Rotty


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                Re: Honda B100L 10hp cooling-water?

                Hey Rotti, the thermostat is located under the manifold. I had to remove the carb. After that remove the intake/exhaust manifold. There is a gasket between the intake manifold and a restrictor plate.(thin metal plate) Between the restrictor plate and the block is another gasket. This is a exhaust gasket. You will see the thermostat when you pull the intake/exhaust manifold off. Mine was full of crude from not being flushed after use in the briny water. The gaskets will more then likely be damaged when you pull the manifold off the block. Intake side is just gasket material and the exhaust side has exhaust gasket material. Once I replaced the gaskets and thermostat it worked great.