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45hp Honda

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  • 45hp Honda

    Aloha, I have twin 45 hp Hondas. One of the engines runs only on one cylinder when it is in idle. When I throttle it up it seems to run on three. I notice a lot of unburned gas, the black gooey thing when I come in. Mechanics checked the ignition part sparkplugs,wires,and coils and found it to be okay. When he checked the carburetors he noticed that when he put his hand over the top two carbs the engine runs smoother. He says that there is probably a vacuum leak but couldn't find it. Did anybody run into a situation like this? Any suggestions? Thank You

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    Re: 45hp Honda

    Onagas,Boy is this a sore subject with me. I work at a Honda dealer and I have at least two of these a week same problem as yours. By the way the 50hp isnt much better. I have put the vacume gauges on at least 10 different 4-50 hp Hondas and found nothing. One thing i really hate about these newer hondas is the fact that the main jet is seal and you cant adjust it. The only thing that I have been able to do with a problem like yours is do a really good carb cleaning. I know it sounds weak but I havent been able to find anything else that is causing the problem.Hitman


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      Re: 45hp Honda

      Aloha hitman,thanks for the information. Will give the carbs a really good cleaning. The mechanic who was working on my engines was a BMW mechanic and usually he finds the problems to whatever is wrong. But he is stumped on this one. Thanks