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Nissan NS5B Internal Gas Tank Threads Stripped OFF!!?!!

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  • Nissan NS5B Internal Gas Tank Threads Stripped OFF!!?!!

    The tank threads are stripped and the cap won't seal. I understand this is a common problem. Anyone fixed this without buying a new tank? Can you use epoxy and the cap as a die to make new threads? Add an insert? Looking for ideas.

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    New Tank.
    Buffalo NY USA


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      2 Other Cheap Alternatives.-

      There's a flexible putty compound, comes in a 2 color strip, the one that needs to be twisted to mix well while strip color changes. When fully mixed wrap a very thin ring onto tank's neck, shape & compact with fingers till putty adheres well.

      As plastic is smooth, will be a good idea to sand, abrade tank´s neck adequately previously for putty to hold well onto neck.

      With finger dampen oil to the internal cap's threads contour, gently bolt cap back till seats nicely and forms a new neck thread, don't over tight cap or will pull putty off neck. Remove cap from tank, let dry putty till next day. Putty must be flexible during the thread formation procedure, if hardened no way...

      Get a cork that fits inside tank's neck, drill a small middle hole, insert a thin 3/4" or 1" cannula/metal or plastic tube into cork to let air in and don't spill fuel out when OB is in operation, will be able to use the tank but not seal air vent, could get a second cork to close tank when out of operation. Will work ok if OB is not removed from transom and layed down...

      Or buy a new internal fuel tank...

      Happy Boating
      Sea Rider 320, 380 Sibs, 450 Rib, 2 Strokes Tohatsu 5,18 & 30 HP Proud Smokers


      • #4
        369703164M FUEL TANK 5 HP INTERNAL $74.52
        /*USE CAP 393700206M*/
        Buffalo NY USA


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          Thanks everybody - gonna try the epoxy putty an if that doesn't work will get new tank. Will report back after I try the putty.


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            The epoxy putty worked. First attempt was a failure as the epoxy wasn't hard enough. Second time I waited till the epoxy was 2/3 hardened and that did the trick. Cap seals fine.


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              Should have pics of what they look like. I have a snowmobile with an oil tank and the cap would slip as if the threads were stripped. I took a copper plumbing cap (I think for 1 1/4 pipe) and cut the end off with a hacksaw. That left a copper ring about 1" tall. That ring just barely fit into the tank opening and supported the threads well enough for the cap to be put on very tightly. It has worked very well for over 5 years.