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2004 tldi 90hp - don't have a proper control box - how can I get it started?

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  • 2004 tldi 90hp - don't have a proper control box - how can I get it started?

    I just bought a 90hp tldi tohatsu from a guy who said it ran great but he was using morse controls for it and had no kill switch.
    I've got what seems to be a tohatsu key switch and even a faria tohatsu gauge, but even with following the wiring diagram neither seem to work.
    I can get the engine to turn over - but its almost like its got no spark.
    It's driving me nuts as it really shouldn't be that difficult.
    is there any tohatsu particulars that I need to do to get it to start?
    I really feel like a need a buzzer - as it's strange to turn on an outboard and not hear anything.
    Any tips or suggestions would really make my day - as I'm just bummed out I bought someone else's junk.

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    Also, I'm reading about the importance of 1000mca battery. I don't know what the battery is that I'm using on it now - but it cranks it over at a really crisp speed. Is that not good enough? does it also have to have the required amount of cranking amps on top of that?
    thanks for your help.


    • #3
      Bat should have a sticker, plate, check specs...

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        The battery is an interstate - and it doesn't have cca on it. Just months and junk that isn't useful. But is the CCA rating important for this outboard? would that stop it from starting?


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          What controls are you using now?
          Buffalo NY USA


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            I haven't even hooked up controls yet - as I wanted to start it first - but I'd use either the old mercruiser control or a morse control. The key switch I believe is a tohatsu - but I don't have a kill switch so I've got the brown wire on the key connected to the brown wire in the wiring harness.

            I just bought a giant battery - it still doesn't work
            It just doesn't get any spark - its as if the computer isn't even

            wait second it may have just worked - there is a yellow and red wire that I wasn't utilizing. when power was given to it it seems to start now.
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              I would suggest getting the Factory service manual. You will want to be sure that you can reset the initial TPS setting, etc.
              Buffalo NY USA


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                I have a green manual - I'm not sure if its the service manual and it has the instructions for tips resetting - but I don't have a kill switch yet - so off to amazon to order one.
                Also, I've got this tachometer and the service manual I have says set it to 4p - I'm not sure it has 4p on it
                check it out - on the plastic it says 6 and 5 - the buy before me had it on 5.
                then the sticker that doesn't really match up has the different poles.
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                  Does anyone know what the sticker on the back of the above picture means?


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                    Seriously? It shows the poles of the alternator.
                    Buffalo NY USA