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1988 VIP vision 85 hp, how to replace propeller shaft seal

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  • 1988 VIP vision 85 hp, how to replace propeller shaft seal
    can anyone please let me know how to replace propeller shaft seal on force 1988 85 hp ,VIP vision boat,mine is leaking and I have the parts just dont know how to do it ,dont have manual ,can anyone send me pictures or video or procedure how to do it ,,thanks

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    Re: 1988 VIP vision 85 hp, how to replace propeller shaft seal

    First drain all the lower unit oil. Now, remove the propeller. With the prop removed you will see an "anode" held on with two 1/4-20 fillister head screws (slotted). Remove the screws and the anode should just slide up, off the shaft. If it is badly corroded and stuck, tap it a bit. Below that you will see four bolts with 1/2 inch heads. Remove these bolts. Now you must pull the "spool" which holds the prop shaft bearing and seal.

    Cut two long pieces of 1/4-20 threaded rod (allthread) and thread them all the way into the holes for the anode screws. Using some type of heavy steel plate with two holes spaced the same distance as the anode holes, put it over the allthread and against the propshaft. now, tighten two 1/4-20 nuts onto the allthread rods to pull out the spool.

    Reach in the spool from the rear with a long bar and hammer out the seal (towards the prop end). Press or hammer in the new seal using a large socket or other circular tool to press yet not damage the seal.

    When re-installing the spool, be certain to adequately line up the bolt holes before you press it in position. Also be certain that the steel semi-circular clips that hold the aluminum bearing carrier for the reverse gear are still in the grooves in the lower unit case. This is important because they hold everything together and if not correct can allow the whole prop, shaft, reverse gear, and spool to come out during reverse operation.

    Tighten the four bolts to 225 inch pounds, and be sure the O ring seal and washer is on each bolt and in good condition. If in doubt, replace. If you don't have or can't get a torque wrench, go grunt tight on the bolts.

    Re-attach the anode and put on the prop. Fill the lower unit with oil again.

    This CAN be done with the lower unit on the engine, but the procedure is much easier with the lower unit off and in a big vice. Figure about an hour or two time-wise.


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      Re: 1988 VIP vision 85 hp, how to replace propeller shaft seal

      Hi Mr.Frank and thank you so much for the help , I have tried to pull this part with some car tools ,but didnt have much luck it feels like is welded in there just wont move ,I had spray with all kinds of lubes to loosen up but no luck ,I will try to attach picture so you can see it if I am doing this right ,I am just afraid to brake anything since is all aluminum ,I did replace the water pump impeller but I took whole housing apart and cleaned and accidently took the botom screw on the lower unit and shifter rod came out now I am not sure which way does it go it looks like a fork .please let me know what ot do .Thank you soClick image for larger version

Name:	f39c081f49f042fb4c0e2b499ddc883c.jpg
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