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How to adjust Shift-Cable & Shift-Rod

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  • How to adjust Shift-Cable & Shift-Rod

    1988 Force 50HP
    Motor appears to suddenly slip out and slam back into gear while driving forward. Its literally a split-second bang! It use to do this once in a while but now the once in every 5-10 seconds. Manual suggests it may be jumping out of gear(?) Recently replaced pinion & forward gear (clutch-dog was fine). Is there a specific sequence in fine tuning the shift cable and shift rod?

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    Re: How to adjust Shift-Cable & Shift-Rod

    I'm very curious on this too... My shift cable was stiff... to the point that I wasn't able to move the throttle handle very well at all. After taking it apart, I greased it, lubed it up good, stuck a little liquid wrench in it, and puttin' er back together.

    After being disgusted, I threw out the stupid thing, and bought another one. I haven't put it in yet, as the motor's being rebuilt, and figured I might as well wait until that's done.

    I'm wondering if there's much for adjustment on them though??? looks to me like you just keep turning the end(s) until it's adjusted enough to work properly????


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      Re: How to adjust Shift-Cable & Shift-Rod

      On my 81 Here is what my manual tells me, I did this check and it worked when putting in a LU.

      Shift in forward and mark the shift rod even with the motor leg with a pencil. shift to reverse and mark it now in the middle it should be N. You might try going a little more in the forward direction to really get it in there. On mine it lined up with no adjustment needed. If i remember right you adjust it right next to the N safety switch.

      Disclaimer: I know pretty much nothing about boats, but i do know about iboats. This gives me enough information to be a very dangerous person with a wrench and a multi-meter around my boat but i am sure i will fix what ever i mess up.