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Steps to winterize Force 85

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  • Steps to winterize Force 85

    I will finally be pulling my boat with its Force 85 out of the water today. I am about 4 weeks late, and it has been cold....28 last night...50 right now. As I pull it out, what are the steps I need to do to protect and winterize it...Today (when I only have a few minutes) and next Sunday when I will have time to work on it. It will be stored outdoors this winter.
    Thanks, George

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    Re: Steps to winterize Force 85

    Gwreeder, Definately going to need to fog the engine for sure. I always treat my fuel with fuel stabilizer also. Some people have told me they fill their fuel tank, but I dont see it neccessary if its treated. MIght be a good idea when you re fogging it to cut fuel off once you get a good ploom of smoke to burn off all the gas in the carbs. Other than that, just maybe bring the battery inside for the winter....outboards are easy. Oh, I also like to spray down my block with some CRC. I hope I covered all the basics.


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      Re: Steps to winterize Force 85

      I would add change the lower unit lube.Before it gets a chance to freeze.If there is water intrusion and it freezes it can damage the gear case.


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        Re: Steps to winterize Force 85

        I have always been told to fill the fuel tanks completely to help minimize the chance of condensation/moisture building up in the fuel tank. To my knowledge, the fuel additives don't remove moisture from the fuel. Definitely fog the engine and put a fuel additive (I use Sta-Bil) in the tanks. Steelspike made a good point about the lower unit oil as well, this is when I replace mine. Good luck!


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          Re: Steps to winterize Force 85

          what do you fog the engine with? I keep hearing this term "fogging" the engine. I am looking at winterizing my 1990 Force 90 in the next few weeks.
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            Re: Steps to winterize Force 85

            Fogging the engine means you are coating the inside of the engine with a coat of oil for prolonged storage. get yourself a can of fogging oil from your marine dealer, some autoparts stores have it also. The instructions are right on the can. what I do is make sure there is stabil in your fuel and it has gotten to the carbs,(I run stabil in my gas all season, unless you use your boat every day, gas can start to varnish up pretty quickly) start the engine, disconnect the fuel line,when it starts to sputter like the carbs are running out of fuel, I quickly spray a stream into the carb intakes quickly going back and forth between all carbs until it kills the motor. Then you remove the spark plugs and spray a genorous amount into each cylinder, turn engine over a few times to spread the fogging oil around the cylinder wall( I just do this by hand at the flywheel jsut make sure if doing by hand, to spin it the correct way so you don't wreck your impeller) drain and re-fill your lower unit lube (never leave it empty) remove the battery,and pick up some new plugs for next year.