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1988 Force 85 HP outboard lower unit

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  • 1988 Force 85 HP outboard lower unit

    Hello, I am new to this forum as I cam across it by chance while looking for any information on force outboard engines. I recently picked up an 88 Bayliner boat with 85 force motor. I have had some experience in the past with lower unit maint and when I say the three screws on the right side of the lower unit figured vent, fill, and drain. You guessed it. When I pulled the drain screw it wasn't. I now have a locked lower unit no matter which gear I select. NO I haven't started it but did contact a mechanic on repair. I HAVE SINCE GOTTEN A SHOP MANUAL. My question is this, can the normal backyard Joe Mechanic do this repair or is it something better left to the pros? The screw came out so easily but the diagram of the lower unit makes it look like just about every part has to come out just to insert the pin.I would like to comment on this forum. Lots of info here that I have only scratched upon but from what I've read it sounds very helpful.Thanks in advance for your response,Mikemwagner123@charter.net

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    Re: 1988 Force 85 HP outboard lower unit

    mwagner272, It must have been the piviot screw you removed. I am also a first time boater and did the same thing to my Chrylser. Mine did not freeze up and the boat was taken out and needless to say we had to simi rebuild our lower unit. It tore up our pinion and foward gear. What it did when you removed that screw was drop the shift yoke. With the manual (that we should have had before attemping any maintanence) we were able to do it all ourselves. We just finished it the week and will be trying out the boat this weekend. We do not have any boat motor mechanic background, and it was simple to do ourselves. It just takes patience. You will need to make sure you get a seal and gasket set to put the motor back together.


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      Re: 1988 Force 85 HP outboard lower unit

      I too had a bayline with the 85 hp O/B, mine was a 1984, in answer to your question, unless your very comfertable? with doing this kind of work I would allow the pros to do it. Better to pay and have it done right then save a buck and find out you forgot to do someting and have it fail, plus if the pro's did somthing wrong they have to fix it at their cost. Peace of mind is priceless.