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1988 bayliner capri 16ft 50hp force ob

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  • 1988 bayliner capri 16ft 50hp force ob

    i just purchased this boat pretty cheap-but we just took it out on the lake and only goes maybe 15 mph???? shouldn't it go faster than that?? any help would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks

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    Re: 1988 bayliner capri 16ft 50hp force ob

    Alot of stuff comes into account when talking about this..1. How are you measuring the speed? if it was a GPS, then its probably right, if it was a boat speedo, then it can vary depending on conditions.. like the tide, were you doing with it or agaist it? if the former, then you speed will show slower as the water is moving with you.. against the tide will show a higher then true reading as the water is moving in the other direction...I don't know for sure, but 50HP sounds alittle small for a boat that size.. we don't get Bayliners over here (thankfully judging by what I have read about them) so I don't know. I am assuming its a fiberglass hull and if thats the case, a 16footer would probably be slightly underpowered with only a 50HP, (again, I don't know the boat so I could be wrong.)Weight is another factor,, how loaded up was it?lastly, engine tune and prop.. the later being an important consideration.. what RPM was the motor doing when you had it flat out????if it was around 5500rpm, then you are probably stuck with that top speed.. more or less rpm and you should talk to a pro about a new prop.rgdsFrank


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      Re: 1988 bayliner capri 16ft 50hp force ob

      hey frankthanks for the info- it is a fiberglass hull-bowrider- 2 adults and child and dog on the weight- no speedo just guessing on the speed but it seemed real slow-we were in a 16ft aluminum deep hull with a 60hp and that thing went pretty quick- as far as tune and prop what are you thinking? and what do you think top speed should be?? thanks again


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        Re: 1988 bayliner capri 16ft 50hp force ob

        Your engine should rev to roughly 5500rpm rpm,, if you hook up a tack and find its less then that,, (like more then 500rpm less) then you probably have an overpropped boat.. and would need a prop with less pitch, that would account for some of your speed problem.Alloy boats are far lighter then FB.. so natually it would be faster, particularly with that extra 10 horses.. the difference in weight is huge between FB and Allow and thats why the speed is so different.on the plus side, fiberglass boats generally have a smooter ride from that extra weight.swapping motors with him would be a good start :-)I have a 17 foot fiberglass half cabin and it once had a old 40hp evinrude.. and it did more then 15mph.. so there is definately an issue here.First thing I'd do, is get a tack, and borrow a gps or install a speedo..then hit the water and find out how fast you really go at full speed and how many rpm the motor is actually doing at that point.rgdsFrank


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          Re: 1988 bayliner capri 16ft 50hp force ob

          The Force outboard is rated 50 HP at the powerhead and in reality it is less at the prop. Just for the heck of it pull the motor cover and look it over carefully. You might find a Force tag stating 50HP and 35 prop HP. I have seen this on older Force motors. Frank is right on the money use a tach or use GPS to judge speed. I would sincerely expect 28-30 MPH.Bob
          This is a great link to boat specifications http://boatspecs.iboats.com/
          Please, shop iboats first!!


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            Re: 1988 bayliner capri 16ft 50hp force ob

            thanks for the help-i will use my gps to check speed and maybe ask a friend about a tach-either way i can tell you i am nowheres near even 25mph right now


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              Re: 1988 bayliner capri 16ft 50hp force ob

              i have a 15ft 50hp force bayliner capri i have the exact the same prolem. i looked it over did a compression check and it was 120 on bolth cyl. so i ran it in a dunk tank and found that water was just spitting out the back not like it should. i bought a water pump impeller im gonna see if that fixes it


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                Re: 1988 bayliner capri 16ft 50hp force ob

                Well we recently bought an bayliner capri 1500 with an '89 force 50hp engine. We fully understood that we would probably have to replace the motor with a newer one. But with our GPS we are getting 15mph AT BEST.

                It's going in for servicing right soon but currently it's the most gutless set-up I've ever driven.

                It was stock with the boat, so I doubt that the prop is the wrong pitch or anything. ANy tips?


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                  Re: 1988 bayliner capri 16ft 50hp force ob

                  I had a 1987 14' Capri Bowrider with a 50 Hp Force. It was underpowered. With the load your have in the boat, 15 mph is about right. My 14' struggled to get on plane and topped out about 20 mph with any kind of load. I replaced the 50 with an 85. Besides better performance the balance is a lot better. With the 50 the bow would dive into a wake when I throttled back, now I ride over the wake.


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                    Re: 1988 bayliner capri 16ft 50hp force ob

                    where you have the engine pined also makes a big difference. try opening it up and having a freind pin it up and keep pinning it up until you get the fastest speed. i got a 16ft maxum with 85hp and i can only do about 30mph@5500 according to the boats speedo because my power trim is broken and the engine sits flush with the transom.
                    1989 Maxum 16'8 Bowrider 85hp force broken down and towed in 4x times this year wont be towed again i got a kicker motor
                    8ft Jon Boat 30lbs thrust trolling motor