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force tilt pump diagram

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  • force tilt pump diagram

    I really need a diagram of a force tilt pump, i pulled mine apart to clean it out and having trouble getting the springs and little bearings in right place any advice would be appreciated the year is a 88 thank you

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    Re: force tilt pump diagram

    j bossman, sorry,the springs go in the brush holder first then the brush. take a few strands of fine wire{strip from a piece of 14,12 or 10ga wire ** and put over the end of the brush,then take the wire ends to the outside edge of the cap and bend the wires up over the top of the cap.do this to both brushes. the ball bearing goes on the top of the armature shaft,use a little grease to hold it in place. put the armature into the res. then the motor frame , then lower the cap down onto the motor.get the brushes started on armature leaving enough room to pull out the wires. once the wires are removed you can bolt it together. keep the seals/o-rings in place while doing this. hope this helps you out


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      Re: force tilt pump diagram

      Hey thanks John, how about the pump assembly, I had to disassemble to get all of the old nasty oil out and not sure if i have the pressure springs in the right place. If it wont kill it if I do it wrong I guess i can just trial and error it. Any help would be great Thanks again


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        Re: force tilt pump diagram

        What horsepower engine, and how many springs, shims, and bbs are there?
        Help somebody every day, if you can.


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          Re: force tilt pump diagram

          jboss, as far as the pump itself ,have never disassembled one . always replaced as a unit. but i know there are some people who have trial & errored it.but your best bet is to get another pump assy ,i am still looking for one for you. cause if you do get this one put back together ,won't the lines still leak at the fittings?


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            Re: force tilt pump diagram

            Yea I guess thats true, I was going to get it all back together and see if the lines still leak since i took the completly off and tried to clean the threads. I am going to send you the money for the res. and lines if you still want to sell them. You said $25 right? As soon as I hear from you, its on its way Thanks