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Chrysler Ignition; swap breakerless for breaker distributor (NEED source)

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  • Chrysler Ignition; swap breakerless for breaker distributor (NEED source)

    I had my 1976 CHR 140 running. Then I messed up the CDI. I need help to source an older breaker distributor. Hoping it might mount similar to the current one.
    ( I am not super tech savvy but reading I see it will require some timing adjustments.)
    If I can find the distributor the motor can be saved from the junk yard.
    Besides racing winter up here in Canada, getting parts not in the catalogue is next to impossible.
    I see one fellow found a distributor on a smaller engine which gives me hope.
    Putting another magic box on does not seem practical and is not in my budget anyway.
    PS Planning to use auto coil with internal resistor and a condenser, plus standard plugs.
    (So much for the new hotter plugs with out tips (:
    TX in advance for any tips.

  • #2
    Try Valley Sales in Prudenville,Mi.
    ​He knows a lot and has a lot of OLD fresh water stuff.

    Buy American made Cars and Trucks!!!Towing insurance for a boat,a GREAT thing.
    ​Tools to make my life easier: Battery tester, die grinder, temp.gun, compression tester, DVA meter.

    In Scenic , Beautiful San Sebastian by the sea Florida

    88 Bayliner 21CC 2001 Mercury 225 HP EFI


    • #3
      jerryjerry05. BELATED TX...1 year later.
      Had the engine running briefly.
      Added new CDI & Coil...but Dist. seems possible problem.
      Hoping to find how to swap backward or forward compatible "Quicksilver" parts --- seems daunting.
      BTW the cap alone has bonded wires to it !@@#$$...
      If I can just get a cap and wires might save the day.
      WANT TO start a new TOPIC but I am clutsy here
      Looks like Valley Sales is not listed now
      Last edited by elliotlake; August 26th, 2017, 02:28 PM. Reason: Dropped smiley


      • #4
        Looking for solutions to repair or substitute 1976 Chr 140 distributor (cap and wiring at least)...tried dougrussel.com
        My stuff is old but I have passed the point of no return. My electronic buddies can probably help me with the electronics, BTW the wiring, cap and housing is the foundation...cut the grass.


        • #5
          Try Franz Marine, he will help.

          Are you sure the HT wires are bonded? My 75Hp (3 cyl.) the wires are pinched in the cap.
          The preamp in the distributor maybe the issue or the rotor.
          There is a carbone connection pin that connect the center HT wire for the coil. This maybe worn out.


          • #6
            Nordin many TX! I have been out of town. Jerry told me to look for you.
            Yah my ignorance was not bliss, ignition 101...cap splits eh (:
            Made up new wires last night.
            Cleaned up the metal point that connect the coil lead to the spring loaded (carbon/) rotor contact.
            (Can we still get these cap pieces?)
            Here is my note to Mark and Jerry:
            I hope it is not too disjointed zzz:

            Found time tonight to try new wiring...
            CAP had continuity through all 4 new plug wires and COIL wire.
            I cleaned up the metal pointer that the COIL wire touches before springloaded rotor contact.
            Finally got spark on #1 via coil to distributor, I used the same method as on coil white wire off of the flywheel.
            THEN I asked myself and bottle bombed neighbour HOW IN THE WORLD DID I EXPECT THAT TO WORK?!
            Who knows where the ROTOR was pointing?? Therefore why did #1 spark, when the dist was not turning??
            I need to do it again --- NOT tonight, with my remote starter rotor turning...
            All excited I tried to see if she would kick over...NADA. I used engine storage spray because they will kick on it but the oil wont over rev the motor, Find something to shoot gas in.
            Will check spark on all four plugs.
            Any tips for dufus 101...



            • #7
              Electronic breakless dist. has a preamp instead of points to trigger the power pack to fire.
              The preamp contain a light emitting diod (electroinic eye) which act when a slot in the rotor disc passes.
              Then it depents on which cylinder HT wire the rotor is pointing at, which plug is firing.

              A bad preamp can give up to trigger the pack or trigg irregularly.

              I had an issue with a 75Hp with breakless dist. First the CD module (power pack) was bad. Changed the pack, got spark BUT fried irregularly.
              Changed the preamp and then it run as it should.


              • #8
                Don't know if this is what your looking for???


                Buy American made Cars and Trucks!!!Towing insurance for a boat,a GREAT thing.
                ​Tools to make my life easier: Battery tester, die grinder, temp.gun, compression tester, DVA meter.

                In Scenic , Beautiful San Sebastian by the sea Florida

                88 Bayliner 21CC 2001 Mercury 225 HP EFI


                • #9
                  A fellow had an old 4cyl Chr electronic dist on eBay --- when he tested it unfortunately it was dead.


                  • #10
                    elliotlake ..............read the thread that jerryjerry started "changning from battery CD ignition to reglar auto typ system".
                    I have answered you about the youtube Mark Everett using a MSD box.

                    Looked at the video last nignt and I think if you have a MSD box and got no spark when trying to use the electronic dist. with preamp to trigger the box, then the preamp is bad.
                    You can check the box by hooking it up with 12VDC and scratching the trigger wire (the one which goes to the points) to ground. If it sparks then the box is okey.


                    • #11
                      TX. Tried the trigger wire (off flywheel teeth) from MSD box (new) and it fires the coil and plug___thru secondary out to grounded plug. Good SPARKS.
                      Actively trying to source older points dist 69-7x.
                      If it can run it the boat & motor are saved from the dump..."Can you hear my wife?"


                      • #12
                        There might be a guy who might be able to rebuild the circuitry and/or light, for a million dollars...right now I would kiss the earth for a points dist.
                        Heck it might be able to even convert that to a magnetic pickup; problem is there is no cam shaft
                        "I hear you Honey, I am coming."


                        • #13
                          I am posting in a few Canadian cities (one where Chrysler outboards had a plant)....looking for a 1969 vintage "points" distributor. Even that is proving a challenge.
                          (Would that require any pick ups under the fly-wheel?)
                          Hoping to get lucky with this approach.
                          Might as well take the optical top apart, since its toast.


                          • #14
                            Was Chrysler the only OEM who used "belt driven" distributors ?


                            • #15
                              Sign up today
                              No Merc did have dist. until 1975. But it will not fit Chrysler.

                              But the preamp is still available if you want.
                              About 100 dollars I think. and Maxrules (Mastertech) is one of the website that has it.