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How To Measure For New Steering Cables

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  • How To Measure For New Steering Cables

    When you replace the steering components in you boat, whether you are changing to a new system or just changing the the cables, it's always a good idea to measure for the proper cable length. If you get cables too short for your boat, you have to return them and you have the added time getting back on the water. If you get cables too long for your boat, the chance of having stiff steering is increased. Getting the proper length by measuring can save you time and insure the smoothest steering for your boat.

    The following can help you chose the right length cables for your outboard, inboard or stern drive. The procedure can be found in the iboats Marine Store in the Boat Steering and Controls section.

    Steps for Measuring Boat Steering Cables for my Outboard Boat

    Is it time to replace your boat steering cables? Well, we have the easiest way to measure them accurately. If you have an outboard motor on your boat these are the steps you will want to take.

    Step One

    Measure from the center line of the boat steering wheel to the gunwale.

    Step Two

    Measure from dash board to the transom.

    Step Three

    Measure from gunwale to the center line of the cable connection at engine.

    Step Four

    Add 6 inches to the total of steps 1, 2 and 3.

    Steps for Measuring Boat Steering Cables on an Inboard or Stern Drive Boat

    Follow only steps 1 - 3 from measuring boat steering cables on an outboard.

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