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Minn Kota owners manual and install questions

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  • Minn Kota owners manual and install questions

    Hello there,I just recently purchased a used Minn Kota 65 PD 24 volt trolling motor to go on my pontoon. It did not come with the owners manual. How is the easiest way to obtain one? I have already emailed Minn Kota but they have not got back to me yet.Also, Not having the manual, and beings that my boat is not wired for a trolling motor I have a coupl eof install questions. First I saw in ******* catalog that they sell a minn kota 60 amp circuit breaker. Do I need this? And also what guage wire should I run from the batteries to the motor? And last, is there somewhere that I can read up on hooking up 2 batteries to be 24 volt as I have never wired a 24 volt motor before. Thanks in advance for any help.Jeremy

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    Re: Minn Kota owners manual and install questions

    24 volts requires two batteries wired in series. That means POS on BAT 1 connects to NEG on BAT 2. POS on BAT 2 goes to POS on the motor or plug. NEG on BAT 1 goes to NEG on the motor or plug. Wire size depends somewhat on how far from the motor the batteries will be. You will want to use #6 ga wire at all points in the system. You need a circuit breaker in the POS line to the motor. The breaker is mounted to the POS post on BAT 2. The other terminal on the breaker goes to POS on the motor or plug. As for operation, turn the unit on, set the speed and mash the go pedal. When you charge the batteries, you will need one of the following: 1) two 12 volt chargers, each one connected to one of the batteries, or 2) an on-board charger that has two 12V outputs THAT ARE 24v CAPABLE, or 3) one 12V charger that is used to charge each battery separately. It is recommended that you buy a smart charger that has two outputs and is 24V capable. Most of the cheaper ones use a common ground and won't work. The charger MUST be 24 V capable.


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      Re: Minn Kota owners manual and install questions

      Thanks for the info. Minn Kota just e-mailed me the owners manual. One more question and one clarification and I think I have it.Question #1. If I add a battery to make a 24 volt system, do I still run my 12 volt electronics on this set up, or will I need a new independent third battery for them? If I still can use them the same they just all connect to one of the two batteries correct? I am on the right track here?And clarification: If I must use my automatic 12 volt charger and just charge one battery at a time (until I can get the funds for a 24 volt charger) do I have to unhook the batteries from one another to charge, or can they be each charged individually still connected?Thanks againJeremy


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        Re: Minn Kota owners manual and install questions

        You could run your accessories from the either of the two batteries -- AS LONG AS THE HOT AND GROUND WIRES ARE ON THE SAME BATTERY. But why not run accessories from the engine starting battery? That battery will be charged from the engine. Charging one battery at a time with a single 12V charger does not require disconnecting the link between the two batteries -- AS LONG AS THE HOT AND NEGATIVE CLAMPS ARE ON THE SAME BATTERY. I gather from your train of thought here that one of those batteries will also be your start battery. I would highly recommend against that. Use a third battery for the engine and accessories. For your 24 volt system, buy two new identical deep cycles. Do it right!


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          Re: Minn Kota owners manual and install questions

          Sounds good on charging. I have a dedicated starting battery (Optima) and will now have 2 trolling batteries (******* deep cycle) for the 24 volt system. I am always hesitant to use my starting battery to run my accesories as I am always afraid of running that one down so much as to not be able to crank the motor. I am usually running a cd player, various lights, and my depthfinder for most of the day or night when I am out. I guess if that happened though I would be able to use one of the trolling batteries to crank if I absolutely had to.I might have to do just that though to spread out all of the amps being drawn at any given time. Thanks for the info as this 24 volt stuff is all new to me!!! hahaTHanks a bunch!!