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Minn Kota Turbo 65 36lb 5 speed trolling motor stopped working-opened it up...he

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  • Minn Kota Turbo 65 36lb 5 speed trolling motor stopped working-opened it up...he

    I have an older trolling motor that was given to me. It is a hand control Minn Kota Turbo 65 36 lb thrust 5 speed model. I opened up the top head and tried folling the power. From the battery, the wires go into a small(2"by 2") black plastic cylinder thing and then several wires come out of it and they run down the shaft. Well I have power running into that little thing but none coming out. Not really sure what it is, transducer? motor? My question is, what is this little black box and would I be able to buy a replacement part or do I have to trash it?Also would like to know if I can somehow bypass it to just double check that the TM will actually work before I replace it. Can I run power directly from a battery using a jumper cable and directly touch one or two of the wires running down the shaft to see if it will spin the blade or is this a bad idea? Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Minn Kota Turbo 65 36lb 5 speed trolling motor stopped working-opened it up.

    my guess is that cylinder thing is nothing but a "switch" that controls how much power is going to your motor (which is located at the botom of the motor attached to the prop), and which way the current is flowing, ie. forword or backward on your motor. I would also guess that you could bypass this "plastic thing" and you would have power, just be careful you don't wreck your prop. If it was me, I would try to open up that cylinder and have a look inside, probably a simple fix involving solder. But I am not an expert, get another opinion before you follow my advice


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      Re: Minn Kota Turbo 65 36lb 5 speed trolling motor stopped working-opened it up.

      I have a 565(bow mount) motor. Looked for the schematic and or manual but no luck. I presume it is a diode of some sort( to let current flow one way but not sure). Will see if can find out something.


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        Re: Minn Kota Turbo 65 36lb 5 speed trolling motor stopped working-opened it up.

        It sounds like you're describing a solenoid (2" x 2" black plastic thing). There's a T/M repair guy from Louisiana who frequents my local fishing board, his website is www.trollnmotors.com - he seems like a pretty standup guy. Bet he could quote you price on that part.
        It's all about the tools.

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          Re: Minn Kota Turbo 65 36lb 5 speed trolling motor stopped working-opened it up.

          You can call the company FREE of charge and they will tell you how to check it out and what is really wrong. They are on the web.


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            Re: Minn Kota Turbo 65 36lb 5 speed trolling motor stopped working-opened it up...he

            That little black box thing is called a Rheostat, however the part may no longer be available for model 65. Call the company for verification.


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              Re: Minn Kota Turbo 65 36lb 5 speed trolling motor stopped working-opened it up...he

              All Greetings from Ukraine.
              I very much apologize that I interfere with your dialogue. But I was registered at a forum just and I do not understand how to ask a new question at a forum now. Therefore, please, do not judge me strictly and allow me to take advantage of a your dialogue to ask a question .
              Please, help me. I have bought the Minn Kota motor for inflatable boat Sevylor 360. The model is 65 and features 5 speeds forward, 3 reverse, telescopic control handle and 28 thrust pounds. What force of a current ( A )uses this motor? 5 speeds - 5 values of force of a current (I correctly understand?). What battery is necessary for this motor? If I shall use the battery 60 AH - it enough?
              Thank you.
              I am sorry again.
              Best Regards from Ukraine,
              Irina ( ir.step@hotmail.com ).


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                Re: Minn Kota Turbo 65 36lb 5 speed trolling motor stopped working-opened it up...he

                Greetings IRSTEP -- I will answer your question first. The amount of current (amperes) your MinnKota draws from the battery is almost constant regardless which speed is selected. That is because the speed control uses wire wound resistors (called speed coils) to reduce the voltage to the motor on the lower speed settings. So the energy passing through the speed coils is wasted as heat. On the high speed setting, the motor will draw about 35 amperes. You should use a deep cycle battery (not an automobile starting battery) as large as you have room for and whatever your financial budget allows. To ask a question, you first enter the forum category such as Trailers and Towing, Propellers, or this one which is Electronics. Then click the New Thead button at the upper left. You then ask your question.

                Wright Stuff -- that black box is connected to the twist grip and is the speed control but it is merely a multi-position switch. the first thing to do is using a test light or meter, check the red wire going into the switch to make sure 12V is present. Red test lead on the red wire into the switch, black test lead to the black (ground wire from the battery). If 12V is not present, the cable between the battery and the motor is bad. I suspect that's the problem as it is generally one or two speeds that are lost -- not all of them. To test the switch, set the speed control to OFF. Using a short piece of #8 wire, touch the red wire going into the switch and the red wire going down the shaft. The motor should run. If not, the motor is toast. If it runs on high speed the switch is bad and replacements should be available from MinnKota. Now repeat the test for each of the other wires touching one end of the test wire to the red wire into the switch, and the other end to one of the other wires. Any of the speeds (other than high) that don't work means the speed coil(s) for that speed are burned out. Speed coils are wire wound resistors that are located in the motor housing. They too may have replacements available.