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Can you shorten the shaft on a trolling motor?

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  • Can you shorten the shaft on a trolling motor?

    Have a 51 inch shaft Minn Kota trolling motor and would like to make it about a 40 inch. My question is, can you cut the shaft down to the desired lenght without harming anything? Hows it done and what all is needed (that's if it can be done)

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    Re: Can you shorten the shaft on a trolling motor?

    Hi ya' Bearcamp. Yep. you can cut it down. Easiest way is to remove the head and cut the top shaft down. Gotta be careful no to cut the wires running down the shaft. Which Minn Kota you got? Usually the head has a thru bolt holding it to the shaft. You'll have to redrill the hole. You'll also have to shorten the wires going down the shaft from the head. Just take a couple pictures and make some hand drawings of where the wires go. Shouldn't take no longer than a 12 pack of longnecks......
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      Re: Can you shorten the shaft on a trolling motor?

      Take the head off. Put a circle 11" down. You can protect the wires in the tube by putting a piece of wood into the tube which keeps all the wires on 1 side of the tube. Lay the tube on a bench. Use a fine tooth blade in the hacksaw.Wires on the bottom, then the stick. Put a block of wood that just lifts the tube to be level. Saw a little into the wood. Then saw up and down at a angle till about 1/2 thru. flop it over and do the other side the same way, wires, wood, saw. ----------------It is probably easier to remove the wires from the speed switch first. Draw a picture of the wires on the switch, color, thick, thin. ---------------------------Do the sawing, pull the piece off.--------------- Reconnect and test run. OK. You should be able to fold the excess wire. Some or all into the tube. Some into the head. Take the 11" piece of old tube and lay it next to the top of the tube to get the screw hole located. MAKE SURE you drill the new hole in the right direction, so the head points the right way when you close it up. Think it out completly before picking up a tool. If it does not run right, call 1-800-227-6433 X 405, thats the repair shop. Tell them what you did and they will get you running perfectly.