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How to hook up 2 12 volt batteries

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  • How to hook up 2 12 volt batteries

    AS a new boat owner, I'm kind of lost. I has to replace both batteries. The left side was a starting and RV the right side was for deep cycle. The boat did not have a harness. ans the right side battery had wires red,orange,white & black. The left side has onlt a black and red for starting the engine, and suppose there were no others hooked to it. All the wires were disconnected when I bought it, or I wouls have made a detailed diagram. Can someone please help with my dilemma.Thanksscarver@storyco.com

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    Re: How to hook up 2 12 volt batteries

    Do the wires have any terminals on them?Could be an indication of which post they go on.One might be bigger than the other and will only fit on the one post.Red is normally always hot, but don't take that for granted.Just like black is normally ground.You don't know if someone has been messing around with the wiring or not.Get you on some safety glasses first and thenI would start by hooking up the red and black first.Hook one up and then just touch the other one to the other post to see if you get any kinda spark here.Large spark means bad, turn them around.Don't know what kind of ACC's you have, but turn your lights on and see if they work.Livewells, bilge pump, etc.Then touch one of the other wires to the hot and see if anything comes on.

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      Re: How to hook up 2 12 volt batteries

      srcarver,Can you give us some more information.What type of boat and motor. Also you said, the left side was a starting and "RV" battery. What do you mean RV?Do you have a helm? any gauges, lights etc...Pumps, live wells? radios or anything else that runs on 12 volts?From there we can try to help you track down what you need to do. My first step would be to hook the red & black from the starting battery and see if you can get the boat running.Second would be to see what electrical runs and what does not.Good Luck