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Shakespeare Sigma 30 Wiring :)

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  • Shakespeare Sigma 30 Wiring :)

    I was wondering if anyone can help me in finding a basic wiring diagram for an older Shakespeare Sigma 30 trolling motor. My dad bought it for me at a flea market, and it works really well so far. Well, mechanically it's sound but I need to rewire a couple of things inside of it.

    The power switch doesn't do squat whether it's on or not. Even when off, the motor still functions. The reset switch doesn't do anything either. I know this because I made it trip during my last voyage in the lake and the button does not work.

    The motor still works though, if I bypass the breaker. I don't want to do this though, because the lakes I go to are extremely weedy at certain times. I'm ordering a new breaker for it though.

    Does anyone know where I can get a basic diagram for a trolling motor? I want to make sure the wiring is all right to avoid future potential problems. It has a for/rev/off switch(that I replaced), a low/med/high switch, a power switch and the place for the new breaker.

    The thing that concerned me the most is that the motor still works the same if the power switch is OFF. About the only thing it does is light up when it's in the ON position.


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    Re: Shakespeare Sigma 30 Wiring

    Gonna move this to the trolling motors forum,


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      Re: Shakespeare Sigma 30 Wiring

      Not one answer from anyone?


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