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Trolling Motor on Closed Bow

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  • Trolling Motor on Closed Bow

    I am in the market for a trolling motor and have got my eye on the Riptide SP 55 with iPilot. My question is would I have any issues mounting it on my closed bow runabout? All the pictures I have seen with a bow mounted trolling motor are on open bow boats but I dont see why it wouldn't work on a closed bow. It would be a pain to raise and lower the motor but I can still access that area on the water so that wouldn't be an issue. Control is done with a wireless remote so that wouldn't be a problem. Just wondering if there is anything I am overlooking.

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    Re: Trolling Motor on Closed Bow

    Im in the middle of the same project, Lots of helpful Ideas from people on here but I still havent seen it done or any pics of it completed by someone. I wonder if there is a reason for that? lol


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      Re: Trolling Motor on Closed Bow

      You can do it no problem but you need to keep it close to the rail so it doesn't flex the deck to much. if you mount it with the motor crossing the bow as close to the tip as possible you should be o.k. If you climb over the bow when launching that motor will be in your way and you will cuss it.


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        Re: Trolling Motor on Closed Bow

        I went ahead with the project, I found a nice piece of diamond plate I will be using to extend the mounting surface forward. Just had it cut to size a few minutes ago, I will end up removing my bow light and running the plate straight off the front of the boat. Still have to take some measurments so as my powerhead won't be smacking my windshield. probably be this weekend before I have extra hands to hold a wrench under the bow. I'll let ya know how it turns out and take a couple pictures as well.


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          Re: Trolling Motor on Closed Bow

          I can't believe I have been using my Minn Kota Bow Mount for 2 years, and only have one picture. If you need more pictures, let me know.
          The picture was taken on a very cold snowy day, but you can still see the motor. I got a mounting plate from Minn Kota, and mounted that to my deck. So I can remove the electric mount easily for security or if I am not using the boat for fishing. The motor 55" shaft goes across the deck when not in use. I don't load or unload by climbing on the deck, but I can see were that would be a problem.
          I have quick disconnects that fit the mount to 2 batteries. I will go through 2 batteries on a windy, rough day of fishing. You will love the I-pilot. Best thing I ever did for trolling.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	07be3a34393088fc2ed5fc8cc9d4c376.jpg
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            Re: Trolling Motor on Closed Bow

            Finished mine up this weekend, going to try n take her out next saturday and I'll let u know how she does.Click image for larger version

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