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motorguide foot control problem

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  • motorguide foot control problem

    i tried doing search but found nothing specific that helped. anyway heres the problem. it quit working today. i know the motor still works, i bypassed the foot control. what i did find during search of this problem is something called the controller. just not sure which one that is. as i look under the foot control i see the 3 prong switch. the 5 speed switch. and also the foot switch. its probably going to be the 5 speed switch huh. the one that looks the hardest to replace. if anyone can help with how to remove it and best place to purchase i would appreciate it. or even ways to test if thats definetly the one. i did remove the 3 wires fom the switch on the side. ran pos and neg to them, still nothing.

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    Re: motorguide foot control problem

    Here's a place for parts I found when I was looking for parts for mine.
    How old is your motor? Mine is older (10 years ??) and when my foot control didn't work I took it apart and I thought I found the problem but I never fixed it because I'm not using it now. I don't even remember for sure but I think the problem with mine was the HF15001 switch. My motor came with a boat I bought and when I tried it, it didn't work with the foot pedal but I wired around the foot pedal and mine worked too. I tore it all apart and like I said I think mine is that switch. I can look at it again tomorrow if you think I might help you.


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      Re: motorguide foot control problem

      i bought the boat used and im assuming its as old as boat. its a 2003 smokercraft. the trolling motor is a 54lb energy


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        Re: motorguide foot control problem

        well its not the foot control switch. i have another trolling motor that i know works. its a 46lb thrust. its on my ski boat. i swapped the foot switch out. so next ill swap out the little red switch on the side.then the speed control switch. its gonna be one of them.


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          Re: motorguide foot control problem

          Not sure if this info helps or not, but I had a problem with my Minn Kota trolling motor this weekend. It quit working and I could smell that electrical burning smell. I found that the wires running to the 5-speed switch had been rubbing each other (probably for a very long time) and had eventually worn the insulation off and the bare wires were touching. I separated these wires, wrapped them in electrical tape, and it works fine now. Just something else to check before you go to spending $$$!