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Threw hull Transducer location relative to center ???

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  • Threw hull Transducer location relative to center ???

    I have a threw hull transducer (cut a hole type). I want it close to center, but should I mount it directly on center (over the keel)? I have access the the entire bottom area left right and center of the keel. Any thoughts on the mounting location.
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    Re: Threw hull Transducer location relative to center ???

    I'm not sure how you would get it to sit flat on the keel. You really need a good surface to work with when trying to shape the fairing block. Starboard side, 12-18" forward of the transom is where most recommend.


    I opted for the tilted angle transducer. No fairing block required.

    Here is where mine is located


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      Re: Threw hull Transducer location relative to center ???

      Depends on what you want it for, depths encountered, and beam width. If you're picky, vertical is the only way wherever you can find that on your hull. The main thing is "non turbulent" water and in the area of the keel that could be a problem. Turbulence causes false alarms, course if you are only interested in where the bottom is, it doesn't really matter how many "fish" are on the screen. If you have a wide beam (20 degree) and in shallow water, vertical is not all that important either. Last, you want it submerged when running and the best place for that is forward of the transom.


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