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How long will a 12v battery hold its charge?

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  • How long will a 12v battery hold its charge?

    My plan is to move one of my 12v batteries from the rear to the center console. I need to know how long this batter if fully charged power my vhf radio and and gps.
    My boat is a 1975 Mako with 112 Johnson outboard. I cant see pulling wires from the motor to the console to charge the battery.
    At best my trips will last 4 to 5 hrs.

    My plan is to charge the battery as soon as I get off the water.

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    Re: How long will a 12v battery hold its charge?

    If it's an automotive type battery it will last for at least that long.


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      Re: How long will a 12v battery hold its charge?

      Its a marine battery.
      My new to me used Mako had a new battery in it and I had just bought a new marine battery for a project boat I was building.


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        Re: How long will a 12v battery hold its charge?

        on an average battery, you will be able to run your GPS and radio for a long time (all day would not be out of the equation).

        I would try to figure out how to run a pair of 10 or 12 gauge wire to it, add a battery isolator to it, with a fuse, and you will never have to move the batteries again...

        Remember batteries are heavy and they have acid in them. Just ask my wife as a new pair of jeans now have a hole in the leg... it will do the same to vinyl seats etc.

        Additionally, you might be able to tap into the existing wires, but you would have to have a battery isolator there to prevent backfeeding.


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          Re: How long will a 12v battery hold its charge?

          Even a small group 24 battery would run your GPS for 2 weeks. The VHF will draw about 3 amps Max in the 25 Watt mode so if your talking all day it should still last at least a day. In the one watt mode or if you talk very little I would expect a week. Important to charge as soon as you can when you get home, leaving it run down will shorten the battery life.

          If I were you I would leave battery where it is and buy a 12 guage extension cord to run up to the center console. Put a breaker on the battery end and wire the console end to a fuse box with enough circuits for everything in the console area.
          Have some fun and enjoy the Great Outdoors.
          Love to fish out of Bodega Bay, California.