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Smartcraft gauge : how to install ?

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  • Smartcraft gauge : how to install ?

    Hi there !

    I'm Phil from Belgium.
    So sorry for my bad english
    I'm still student but I'm building a boat based on a vw flat 4 engine.

    But I have a problem...

    I have bought a set of smartcraft gauge :

    Oil pressure
    Oil temperature
    Fuel level

    I thought it was basical gauge like

    black -> -
    red -> +

    But no...

    What is the upper yellow, blue and white cable ?
    What is the lower yellow, blue and white cable ?

    I have any harness assy.

    If someone can tell me how to assemble all of these part, it would be gratefull !

    For information :

    the speed is by cable
    Oil pressure is made by oil pressure sensor
    Oil temperature is made by oil temperatur sensor
    Fuel is made by a fuel level sensor

    If someone can made me a wiring of how to assemble all of these parts....

    Thanks a lot for your help !

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    Re: Smartcraft gauge : how to install ?

    Here is a generic boat instrument panel wiring diagram. What you need to understand is that marine gauges require sending units that are compatible with the gauges. The oil pressure sender from a VW engine will not work. You need an "international guage" oil pressure and fuel sending units. The tachometer must be compatible with a battery ignition system which is a typical I/O or inboard tachometer. Marine speedometers are not cable driven. They are "pitot" (water pressure driven) via a small plastic tube from the pitot at the stern to the speedometer head. If you are using a cable driven automotive speedometer I have no idea how you would make that work. If there was a way to connect the speedometer cable to your drive system, chances are the cable drive ratio would be incorrect.


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      Re: Smartcraft gauge : how to install ?

      Originally posted by philoucas View Post
      ...I have a problem...

      I have bought a set of smartcraft gauge
      SmartCraft is a proprietary vessel digital data network standard. SmartCraft gauges are designed to be connected to a proprietary data network. A network node in the engine sends digital data about the engine parameters on the network. Each gauge decodes and displays its particular parameter.

      Trying to use SmartCraft gauges without the proprietary network and the proprietary engine sending unit will be impossible. They gauges only work with a Mercury outboard or sterndrive.

      For information on SmartCraft see