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What size nuts for battery terminals?

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  • What size nuts for battery terminals?

    Hey guys, I have an Optima Blue Marine battery on my boat, and I want to use regular nuts on the terminals.

    What size nuts will I need?

    The Optima batteries don't have two different size posts for the + and -, like other batteries do, at least I don't believe so, they seem to be the same diameter and thread on this battery.

    Either way I want to replace the wingnuts with ny-lock nuts, as the wingnuts tend to come loose over time. So just wondering if anybody knew the size off hand.


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    Re: What size nuts for battery terminals?

    Take the wing nuts with you. Lowes, Home Depot etc, have a metric and SAE try-out panel. See which one fits and buy what you need.


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      Re: What size nuts for battery terminals?

      Thanks Silvertip. Didn't know that Lowes or Home Depot had that, I've never seen it in there, then again I never looked for it.

      Sounds easy enough, thanks for the advice.


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        Re: What size nuts for battery terminals?

        Lowes has a an entire aisle of specialty hardware in drawers and bins as you walk in the door. There is a panel somewhere along that aisle with bolts and nuts mounted in a panel that you can try for size. If you can't find it, go to the bins with bolts. Find a bolt that fits the wing nut. Then buy that size nut. Simple huh?


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          Re: What size nuts for battery terminals?

          This may sound paranoid, but I bring a magnet (usually from the tool dept.) with me when I buy stainless at HD or lowes. I always double check that the stainless in the bins is actually stainless. Its not that I don't trust the employees, but when you are stocking 20,000 little baggies of nuts and bolts, its not very hard to put one in the wrong place.