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superfisherman livewell queston

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  • superfisherman livewell queston

    OK, just picked up a 96 starcraft superfisherman 170. I dont understand how the livewells work. It has a switch that says fill livewell, and the same switch says auto recerc. How does this work. The front live well looks like it has a pump that cerculates the water, but I dont see a switch for it.
    I tried the fill switch and it started too fill the live wells. How does it recirc. and how do I turn the cerculation pump on for the front live well.... I have only been able too try the fill quickly,,,,,
    thanks for any help
    Mike Kolthoff

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    Re: superfisherman livewell queston

    I do not know your boat but most live wells will have a fill switch and the switch will have a center off postion. One direction it turns on the fill motor until you turn it off. The other direction is auto and it turn on the fill motor also but is timmed. Example may be on for one minute and off for 4 minutes. This allows you to save the battery and at the fame time keep your fish with fresh water and also keep the water cool. The tank fills then you switch to auto and it pumps fresh water in but shuts off to save the battery then back on for another minute. After the tank fills the water goes out the overflow drain back into the water. Some switches the auto time is adjustable.
    Have some fun and enjoy the Great Outdoors.
    Love to fish out of Bodega Bay, California.


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      Re: superfisherman livewell queston

      The front tank has what looks like a recerc pump or aerator. It draws fromt the bottome of the livewell and pumps it back into the top of the livewell..
      but no switch can be found for it....
      The switch on the dash is just a on / off switch, It says fill livewell, and auto recerc....