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Hummingbird Side Imaging and 3D

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  • Hummingbird Side Imaging and 3D

    Hummingbird is advertizing their side imaging fishing system everywhere I look, but I haven't found a single person to talk to that actually owns one. Does anyone out there have any experience with this unit? It's $400 more than the Lowrance unit I'm also considering. The SI Hummingbirds start at $1000, a little out of my comfort zone. But the if the SI technology is as good as it looks it may be worth spending the extra money. While searching the web for info on the SI unit I also found a Matrix 47 3D fishfinder that looked kind of kool, but same problem, can't find anyone that has actually used one.

    Any comments would be helpfull.


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    Re: Hummingbird Side Imaging and 3D

    Dynamite is much cheaper and easier to use. If you get accosted by the game warden, give him a lighted stick so he can fish too, rather than talk to you.

    Naw, just kidding.................I think.

    Seriously, I have seen them but never used one. I used to fish electronically and I found that I spent more time messing with the stuff (including temp sensors looking for the thermocline and all), rather than concentrating on my personal skills and fishing. Only use a depth finder now which tells me more about structure and depth than it does locating fish. Experience tells you where they usually are and when....couple of casts verifies it.

    If you are new to boating or have a new boat, a knowledgeable friend could show you how to operate your boat and save you a lot of grief, maybe some money, and maybe your life.


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      Re: Hummingbird Side Imaging and 3D

      Forgot something. I have apprx 1.5 acre pond on my place and the water is clear a lot of times. When the fish isn't in the feeding mood, forget it. Moral is that just because you get all this electronic whoopie and all you don't get the fish unless he's ready. Even predators, like the black bass will just sit there and watch it as you run it by his nose; crank bait, worm, jig, spinner bait, doesn't matter, nor the color. Sometimes I have even seen their eyes move, watching it go by.

      I'm not knocking it, just dealing with reality. On the contrary, I have minnow fished with a tight line and my depth finder for crappie. I'd pick them up on the finder, note their depth, drop the minnow to that depth and whammo. It works. Just stating some facts.

      One other thing. Having a smaller body of water allows you to apply "structure" fishing techniques and verify what you read, hear, and have learned over the years. It's really cool to know where that sucker is going to be (since you know you have fish in there; not guessing like on an unfamiliar body of water) and the only reason you don't catch him is that he isn't in the mood......but when he is. Makes you feel like Bill Dance.

      If you are new to boating or have a new boat, a knowledgeable friend could show you how to operate your boat and save you a lot of grief, maybe some money, and maybe your life.


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        Re: Hummingbird Side Imaging and 3D

        There was some discussion on this within this thread: http://forums.iboats.com/showthread.php?t=220596&page=2

        From that, and further discussions with others that own them, side scan works well as long as you travel in a straightline at a constant speed. If you are manuevering around weeds, stop and go, etc, side scan is not very useful. I believe the side scan Humminbird units are compatable with Navionics Platinum 3D Lake maps, which are cool.

        I have seen posts that the transducer is fairly large, and many people have to adapt them to their boat, to prevent excessive water spray.

        In my research so far, for my needs, the price difference is not worth the added features. If I had to pull the trigger today, would probably go with a Lowrance 500 series color unit.


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          Re: Hummingbird Side Imaging and 3D

          There is a Humminbird SI group with lots of info. One person in particular, Doug Vahrenberg, knows them better than anyone. He is a pro Bass fisherman and uses it extensively. You can also catch info on the BBC site. If I had the cash, I'd have one in a heartbeat...


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            Re: Hummingbird Side Imaging and 3D

            I work in the trade but haven't personally used one. However, customer feedback on side scanning and 3D is awesome to say the least. They can't believe everyone doesn't use them. They are seeing logs, trees and fish with details that make it look like a picture. Quality wise they have almost a zero return rate compared to lowrance and are MUCH more user friendly.



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              Re: Hummingbird Side Imaging and 3D

              I've had the 947c 3D unit for about a year now, and if you have the cash I would highly recommend it.

              As stated before the transducer is on the large side, to stop the spray I mounted a piece of aluminum above it to deflect the water back down and seems to work well.

              Having the capability of two navionics map chips is handy too, the detail is incredible.

              Very easy to use (even I figured it out) lol although I'm sure there are many features I don't know about yet.

              Hoping to get an SI for the bow installed for spring.


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                Re: Hummingbird Side Imaging and 3D

                I bought a 981SI as soon as they were available. It performs as advertised. I use it on both big lake and river fishing. Perty pictures but it dont put no mo fish in the boat. It's worth the money if you need the SI. otherwise I'd go with the 3D. I use the SI in the river alot.


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                  Re: Hummingbird Side Imaging and 3D

                  Thanks for the comments. I'm still on the fence. Having a hard time getting off my wallet.


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                    Re: Hummingbird Side Imaging and 3D

                    recent posts w/images: http://www.nybass.com/showthread.php?t=27487

                    Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sideimaging/


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                      Re: Hummingbird Side Imaging and 3D

                      If I had the money, I would have at least one of those. They are awesome. A lot of the guys on Allatoona have one, and absolutely LOVE it.
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