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1973 Johnson 85 HP model # - 85ESL73M tilt/trim questions

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  • 1973 Johnson 85 HP model # - 85ESL73M tilt/trim questions

    Hey folks, I am new to the boards and I have found a lot of great information on here. My questions are that I have a 1973 - 85 hp Johnson, model # - 85ESL73M Serial # - J3861779. When I bought the boat and motor, it had an old add on tilt/trim unit made by JAMAR to which there are no parts or anything available anywhere for it and I have tried to get it repaired to no avail. So, I found a 1972 Prestolite unit that fits my motor and is interchangeable. The fellow that I bought it from sold me the entire exhaust housing and brackets, etc and left the trim unit attached. When I got it, I tested the trim/tilt unit and by jumping the wires, it moved up and down. The unit is a 3 wire, 3 tube Prestolite - model HYB-7001 - 72. Once I took the unit off the exhaust housing, the unit will not move and no noise from the pump motor. I have tried everything short of taking it apart, which I may do or just take it to someone to look at for me.

    Question 1 - are there any manuals or other information available to help with disassembling the unit and does anyone know what may be the cause of the unit to stop moving.

    Question 2 - I found a new Prestolite replacement that will fit my unit, but, I assume from reading posts that if I can get this one repaired and working, it is a much better unit than the new ones being manufactured. Would this be true?

    Question 3 - the fellow that I bought this from, sent the wiring harness up to the point where it would have controls to move the unit up and down. So I have the old wiring harness unit (I think 2 wire) from the JAMAR unit that I had, can that be matched to the unit I have and be made to work? If so, are there any wiring diagrams anyone might have to help me with the wiring matching between the two units?

    Last of all, I always see the comments made that it may be just a tilt unit to which I was told it is a tilt/trim unit, but I don't know how to tell. It has 1 ram that connects to the pump with another ram that is just a spring to help with the downward movement of the motor. Both rams are inside of the motor brackets unlike a lot I see that are on the outside of these older units.

    Oh, one last question, I promise, I can not see how to access the pins holding the spring rams currently on my existing motor so I can drive them out and replace them with the new system. Anyone know how to access the pins holding the tilt support unit on my existing motor?

    I have tried to attach some photos to help with identifying what I have, but I cant seem to upload them, so if some one can tell me how to do it, I know it will help.

    Thanks everyone for the help and information.

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