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Low amp shore power fittings?

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  • Low amp shore power fittings?

    I would like to permanently mount a battery charger/tender in my 1969 15 foot bow-rider, and also have some kind of permanently installed power connector for it, as I despise having loose cabling in, well, everything. Ideally, I'd like to have a connection outside the boat, rather than snaking an extension cord inside, but if that's considered "just a bad idea altogether", I'm not against mounting something inside as well.

    While I obviously don't need a 30 amp circuit to do this, is a 30 amp shore power connector still the best option for this, or is there something better suited to a connection that will be pulling only a couple of amps? Does seem like it would be silly to have that massive connector on the side or back of such a small boat, lol.

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    They do make small ones like this.
    If ya can't fix it with a hammer,ya got yourself an electrical problem.


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      I did not know that, thanks!