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Prestolite pump motor, can't find long shaft...

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  • Prestolite pump motor, can't find long shaft...

    Went out to do some maintenance work to my new-to-me '69 Silverline with Johnson 85hp outboard. Hit the switch for the power tilt, and...nothing. Worked fine last weekend, and now I just barely hear a faint click in both directions. Battery is at 12.5 volts, and I verified I get 12.5 volts at the pump motor connector in both the up and down switch positions. I pulled the motor off the pump body, and it is one rusty, cruddy mess in there. When I bought the boat, there were a few turns of duct tape wrapped around the motor where it meets the pump body, which I'm assuming is a PO's poor attempt at "fixing" the hardened gasket there. Thus, I'm not surprised it's rusty inside the motor now.

    I'm pretty sure I can get this motor running again, as my career is wrapped around automotive electrical work, but I'd still like to get a replacement motor just to keep on the boat as a spare. Problem is that I can't find anything with a long shaft like this one has. Everything I'm seeing for Johnson motors has the motor shaft ending right after the end of the motor body. There are no part numbers on the motor itself that I can find, and only what I'm thinking is 104207, ER7-3 on the bottom of the pump housing, and I can't seem to find any pumps or motors with those numbers.

    Alternatively, is there another pump assembly I can put on this?