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My Quickee Sea Nymph project

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  • My Quickee Sea Nymph project

    I bought this little boat in October 2006 to get my son some tiller experience and him/me some restore experience. It's a '72 14 foot Sea Nymph, some kind of a later kit trailer, and a Clinton OB. $320:

    First I stripped the trailer and did some real light sanding. Sprayed it with Rustoleum "Professional" High performance enamel, new lights and wiring, $39:

    After a vinegar/water bath I applied Gluvit on the inside to all seams and rivets. Slopped it everywhere as I had a teeny tiny leak that I couldn't find. $25:

    Continued on next post . . .
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    Torque gets you there. Horsepower gets you there in time for dinner.

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    Re: My Quickee Sea Nymph project

    Then my son sanded (sort of) the whole inside with 120 and I did another vinegar/water wash before I primed with zinc chromate primer. Then I used Pettit Easypoxy on the white portions, added colorant from my gelcoat patch kit to get the bluish color. Two coats, two quarts, Roll/tip on first coat (second too on white vertical surfaces). Sanded lightly between the two coats with used strips of the 120. Three coats would've been much better, but it was basically a quart per coat and getting expensive. I finished all horizontal surfaces with silica sand added to the second coat for good traction. About $90 in paint and primer.

    I made a new OB pad out of some scrap plywood. Glued three pieces together and hit it about 10 times with some old Spar Varnish I had laying around. Too old, but it finally would setup. New stainless hardware $15:

    Added this POS, B&S 5 bhp that I found new but seized. Had it running in an hour. $200 (I actually got three of these OBs for $600 and sold two for a total of $990, so in one way I paid a negative ($390), but I am treating that as a separate transaction and considering the $200 for the one . . . Iíll get something for the Clinton on eBay):

    Ready for her new Maiden voyage. Total $699.

    She handles very well, planes, 11.9 MPH GPS and no leaks. Thanks to all for some help along the way, especially to DJ who helped me with some paint process stuff offline.
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    Torque gets you there. Horsepower gets you there in time for dinner.