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Versi - Foam

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  • Versi - Foam

    I've been looking a product called Versi - Foam.It is a spray on two part polyurathane foam.From what i hav read it sounds very promising.I have found no pricing for it but am in contact with the manufacturer to obtain pricing as well as dealer names and locations.for now here is a link to their site.lets get a few more openions on it. RHH Foam Systems / Versi - Foam

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    Re: Versi - Foam

    I just checked it out, I am curious of the price. Just the fact that you do not have to mix it would make a slight price increase worth it. It looks pretty good to me, but then I am a huge foam advocate anyway...
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      Re: Versi - Foam

      The system of foam does seem interesting. But prices are not discussed on their site. Not a good sign.And going to mega mall or west marine and doing a "search" yields no results , not even the two part.I have noticed that both sites have search that is of little value. It seems they return what they want to sell and not what you are searching for. Or perhaps some one could enlighten as how to use the search for a better return?Thanks.


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        Re: Versi - Foam

        Hey folks thy for the opinions.I dont like the idea that there is no price on the web sight either.I have been in contact with their public rep ( Peter J. Bartell )over the last few days.the reason they do not post a price is because they are not a distributor themselves, simply a manufacturer.the price of procuct differs so much from region to region and dist to dist that they do not bother with anything exept the literature.they have given me a local ( Tulsa Okla area )contact.Specialty products and insulation co. i will get into contact asap and try to get some idea of pricing.I have asked RHH. INC. to add a page to their site listing all distibutors so individuals will have a way of locating on in their area. including contact info and such. will they actually do it? i dont know but i can hope. But the pruduct itself really does look promising and a bit of a higher price would be ok considering how easy it would be to apply.ill keep yall posted.


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          Re: Versi - Foam

          Well here is the latest news on this foam.I havent had the opertunity to contact the distributor yet but will tomorrow.but as far as getting a list of distributors i went bust.here is their reply. copied from the e-mail i recieved this evening.Dear Mr. Sowers, Thank you for your reply. Of course, we always appreciate suggestions. The reason that our distributors are not listed on the website is that it keeps our competitors from knowing who all of our distributors are. You will find that none of the competitors have these type of links either. Also, by having initial contact through us, we are able to answer any questions that customers have and track our different types of advertising. Thank you for your ideas, though.Regarding marine flotation, you can take a look at the literature page, and there is a brochure coded as MFB-1, which is the Marine Flotation brochure. Our Versi-Foam System I, 15, and 50 are U.S. Coast Guard approved for marine flotation. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thank you, Peter J. BartellWell that is about as far as i feel i will be able to get with the manufacturer.will call the local place tomorrow morning and see about pricing.keep in mind that it may not necisarily reflect the same prices in your area.ill keep ya posted.


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            Re: Versi - Foam

            hey again i tell ya i cannot seem to get through to these people.they have an automated anwsering service so im going to try to get up there to the store asap and see if i can find out my self. knowing my luck they will have an automated door anwsering service as well...lol.. wouldnt doubt it a bit.


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              Re: Versi - Foam

              I recentlty purchased 2-part/4# pourable foam from U.S. Composites, and you cannot beat their prices. I don't know if they carry sprayable foam, but I highly recommend giving them a look. The marine stores sell 2-part/2# foam in 1 quarts for about $80.00, not alot of foam, and not very strong foam at that. I got 2 half gallons (4#) from U.S.Composites for $54.00 delivered! Thanks to whoever suggested them on this board. Good luck.


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                Re: Versi - Foam

                When I was looking at foam I checked a couple places that had spray foam packages. The price was about 6 times what pour foam was. Yes I said 6 times that of pour foam. Needless to say I went with pour foam from Merton's Marine.


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                  Re: Versi - Foam

                  6 times the price eh?ooo that pricey.ive been looking into diff products.this one is fairly new so it been of interest.honestly havent looked at us composits yet.but if this versifoam runs about the same as the spray foam Bill mentioned then i have no doubt ill be going pourable.thanks for thr input guys.will take a look at U.S tonight.will likely be thursday or friday b4 i am able to go check the price on the versi foam.