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Classic SpeedBoat Restoration With Teak Deck

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  • Classic SpeedBoat Restoration With Teak Deck

    Hi Everyone!

    After purchasing my 1960's German built early fibreglass speedboat (of which i think it is a one-off, unless anyone can correct me!!) in april 2010 i started to restore her and wanted to share my progress!

    The boat itself seems to be a one-off although she looks similar to a Broom. She has no companyís makerís plate or any evidence of coming from a large speed boat manufacturer. I purchased the boat from Hythe Sailing club in Southampton for a small sum of £600 and found a plate screwed to her with text in German! I translated it (with the help of Google translate) and it said "Owner - Rudolf Keitzl of the Gerhard Hauptmann School". This is the only clue i have to its origins!!

    Heres the boat in the state i bought her with the engine - a 1970's evinrude 18hp. Which slips out of gear!.

    I stripped all the boat bits and turned it upside down! The boat itself was in a sorry state (not that the photo shows it!) It had loads of gouges on the underneath and the red topside gel coat was very weathered and ballooned (with the red going almost milky in colour) so i then knew it was going to be a Proper restoration!

    This was going to take alot of filler and sanding!! and there was no other way round it but to antifoul the bottom!

    As she was upside down i took advantage and painted out all underneath the topside with white blidge paint, cut back and polished up all the yellow sides and refurbed the original snipe trailor!

    Now what to do with the topside as they where WELL past it. Out came the sander and my red boat became PINK!
    I had to do a few small jobs like repairing the transom with new glass and filling all the hideous hull to deck joins again with lots of filler!

    I had a master plan for the topsides but it first meant restoring the original colour to parts of the topside and transom with two pack paint!

    Im getting the hang of this photo uploading stuff now!! Anyway, my topside master plan comes in the form of a REAL teak deck with black caulking, which started off as carboard templates and we also invested in a boat shed (in the form of a marquee off ebay!)

    The marquee didnt last long though during the winter, it collapsed when it snowed!!

    The boat was fine thank god!! Anyway the templates made the decking easy to cut to size and fit.

    And once caulked came ALOT MORE sanding!!

    Then came the 11 coats of varnish! Yes with rubbing down inbetween!!! I had no finger prints left!

    I then went on a bit of a spending spree buying lots of stainless steel deck fittings, including pop-ups cleats, horns, bow roller, rear boarding ladder etc.... all of which where attached to the boat using wooden washer and aluminium washer pads - Not just for show! I also re-fitted the original nav lights.

    I then turned my attention to the engine and sorted out the gearbox - which turned out to be a worn clutch dog and refurbed the engine and cowling with home made decals!

    As a student at the University of Portsmouth studying Marine Technology, i thought this would be a good project for my third year dissertation! This has now been accepted by the University and with just the interior left to complete on the boat, i have started to 3D model the boat and interior to see what the finished boat will look like!

    As i said before i have only the interior left to do! I will carpet the sides and fit pockets to each side and then upolster the cockpit with red upolstry.

    One thing i havent decided on is a name??? Im thinking Rhubarb and Custard, beacuse of the colour?? What do you guys think?? I need ideas!!!!

    I hope you've enjoyed reading this and i will keep this feed updated as much as possible! I had 17 photos in this thread but your only allowed 6 so i had to delete loads!! but theres 0ver 100 photos on my facebook - follow this link


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    Re: Classic Boat Restoration

    nice boat....great job....

    did you have to go into the transom and stringers?

    as far as posting pics......just paste 6. post it.....then do it again....i have hunderds of pics in my thread.......so ...post more...lol

    as far as a name goes.....that is personal to the owner.

    The Hull Extension Thread
    great info on all aspects on boat building with detailed information.


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      Re: Classic Boat Restoration

      Hi oops

      The transom had a 40 yearold piece of marine plywood fibreglassed in, which was used to stiffen up the transom for the engine. But obviously this was rotton! So we chopped out the old glass and rotton wood and replaced with with new marine ply and fibreglass over the top. What you cant see in the picture is that the glass goes all the way to the floor of the boat! We used filler just to tidy up the edges and create nice rounds in the corner!

      Heres some more photos!

      The engine was the biggest flaw with this boat! Theres no point having a boat without a working engine, id have to get my oars out! The previous owner said it jumped out of gear when reved but having testing it out when i got the boat home i found it was struggling going into gear! But after a few hours internet researching and spending a bit of money on parts from america i came to the conclusion that it was a worn clutch dog. Well that and a really badly set up control box! I took the gearcasing round to my uncles (whoes an aircraft engineer) with all the new parts, stripped and cleaned all the entire gearbox. I found the clutch dog to have slight wear on it but not enough in my opinion to cause the engine to jump out of gear, so i may have just been the control box! Probably should have checked that first!!! haha

      After rebuilding the gearcase and fitting it back onto the engine will all new seals and a new impeller i filled it up with Evinrude HPF XR gearcase oil- which ive heard is one of the best!I then turned my attention to the cosmetic stuff, repainting the leg with hammerite smooth blue and the cowling was rubbed back to the glass and repainted! I made the decals myself finding the original decal on the internet (which wasnt easy) and printing it onto waterproof sticky back vinyl. Im going to laquer the cowling but havent got round to that yet! I also need to start the engine to see if it now goes into gear as haven got round to that yet either!!

      Apparently the oringal owners liked to beach my boat or didnt know how to read nav charts and flirt with the dangers of shallow water!! Some of these where actually quite deep! But that was nothing my two pack Nautix waterproof filler and a hell of a lot of sanding wouldnt solve! Once it was all flat again we used Nautix A3 red antifoul to cover the bottom which can be seen in the photo below!

      The snipe trailor was in very good condition and i could have probably sold it for more than what i bought the whole package (boat, engine and trailor) for. I just gave it a rub down and repainted the black and white with hammerite and greased up the bearings.

      Because the deck was past it (balloned, chalky) i just hit it with a 30grit sander which made me and everything around me PINK! haha It was past saving there was no gel coat restoring malarky strong enough to bring this back from the dead!

      As i was planning on a teak deck only the extremeties needed painting and the engine well. I used epifanes two pack paint and did a pre coat with primer which was rubbed down and then a top coat which came out like a professional job! The shine was amazing!


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        Re: Classic Boat Restoration

        And more

        To start the teak deck i borrowed (stole) lots or carboard from work! This was so we could make templates of all the teak planks so we didnt order more teak then we needed (its not cheap!). All the templates for the margin board and king plank where cut to size using card. We used 55mm for the margin and 40mm for all the planks we didnt template the planks as these are straight and just had to be cut to length.

        I bought a marquee from eBay so we could work over the winter in a shelter but it snowed and marquees dont like snow!! but luckly the boat wasnt scratched!

        We bought a bandsaw for a bargin price of £50 of eBay and a bench sander to make the cuts alot easier! All the teak was bought from Moodys decking UK and is actually all B-stock that was deemed not good enough (still wasnt cheap though and no wonder theres a short supply of teak in the world!!) but all the planks where fine some had slight pinky discolouring but we just turned them over!!! We used teak offcuts as spacers as they where 5mm thick! We used saba deck to bond the teak to the deck and saba caulk for the caulking! All the margin boards where screwed in place and once bonded to the deck the screws where removed and the holes plugged with a little teak plug and some two pack glue! This just gave us something stable and stopping it from moving while it was bonding to the deck!

        After the deck was caulked it took a LONG time to sand, which saw our 1500w electric sander deemed too girly and the purchase of a new belt sander which worked much better but took some controlling as it had a habbit of rolling away!! haha But after it was completed we got this lovely finish!!


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          Re: Classic Boat Restoration


          can you please add a narrative of your pictures?...tell us what you did with the front deck.....what you used, how you repaired the hull....just basically a play by play.

          i think this is an excellent candidate for the completed projects forum.....but we need more narrative.

          and this is one of the nicest looking glass antiques i have seen.
          The Hull Extension Thread
          great info on all aspects on boat building with detailed information.


          IN MEMORY OF Our friend SpinnerBait_Nut LESTER WRIGHT July 31, 1953 - Nov 26, 2008 RIP

          IN MEMORY OF Our friend Tashasdaddy Robert (bob) Griffis. October 27, 1948
          November 29 2010 RIP


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            Re: Classic Boat Restoration

            HELL-O , Great boat,Great work; It's so nice to see a piece of history come alive You should be proud ,you did a SUPER JOB on that boat,I really like the way you did the deck.And the trailer looks real nice .And yes please tell us about the deck work, [AGAIN GREAT WORK]-----THANKS FOR THE SHAREING'
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              Re: Classic Boat Restoration

              Hi guys!

              Thanks for all the comments! im really appreciative! Just added lots more narrative to the orginal picture posts! hope its good reading!!


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                Re: Classic SpeedBoat Restoration With Teak Deck

                Finished applying the starboard freeboard carpet today! just in time before the heavens opened!! Theres going to be full length pockets running either side of the boat which can be seen on my CAD drawing on one of my 1st posts!

                Heres some pics

                that wobberly edge is yet to be trimmed - i wouldnt leave it like that!! ha


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                  Re: Classic SpeedBoat Restoration With Teak Deck

                  Wow, nice looking boat! You have done an amazing job with her!
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                    Re: Classic SpeedBoat Restoration With Teak Deck

                    That is a beautifull restrore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    What did you seal the deck with?
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                    Flybridge restore thread

                    This one has reevits


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                      Re: Classic SpeedBoat Restoration With Teak Deck

                      Originally posted by sqbtr View Post
                      That is a beautifull restrore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      What did you seal the deck with?
                      Hi, the teak was sealed to the deck using Saba Deck and the caulking was saba caulk! It then had 11 coats of Epifanes varnish!


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                        Re: Classic SpeedBoat Restoration With Teak Deck

                        Looks great - but the steering wheel is on the wrong side!!!
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                        My Resto Thread


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                          Re: Classic SpeedBoat Restoration With Teak Deck

                          Wow that is a COOL project. Amazing work.
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                            Re: Classic SpeedBoat Restoration With Teak Deck

                            Originally posted by starcrafter65 View Post
                            Looks great - but the steering wheel is on the wrong side!!!
                            Haha! yeah this is what happens when you buy a boat from Germany!


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