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Boat seats from Walmart? Really cheap..

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  • Boat seats from Walmart? Really cheap..

    I'm new to boating and just got a great 1996 Excel 19'.. I decided to replace the seats among other things.. While looking for seats I came across these at Walmart of all places. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Wise-Boat-...-Navy/15135521
    They are exactly what I had in mind and about $100 less then I thought I'd have to pay. The only thing I'm worried about is the picture is blue and white but the ad says grey and navy.. Anyone have these or any walmart seats? How do you like them?

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    Re: Boat seats from Walmart? Really cheap..

    I do not personally own those seats but I will say that they look like the ones that I looked at while at the Bass Pro the other week. Same brand if i remeber correctly. They seemed like they were built decently.


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      Re: Boat seats from Walmart? Really cheap..

      It all depends on your body and what type of stuff you do. My buddy busted his walmart seats cause we jumped a beaver damn in his flat bottom and he had a heavy dude in the front. Me personnaly, I only weight about 135 so just about any seat will do for anything. If your question is quality just look at yourself and what you plan to do with your boat.
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        Re: Boat seats from Walmart? Really cheap..

        I've bought Wise seats through Wally world for a couple boats now. Never had an issue with any of them. They are Wise seats still. Those look pretty nice to me. Go for it. Just dont jump any beaver damns and you should be ok. LOL

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          Re: Boat seats from Walmart? Really cheap..

          It all depends on what you're doing with your boat. For fishing those seam like they would be fine. They have some like that at my local walmart and they seem sturdy. I can also say I've been looking around for seats for MY boat and WISE is the brand most places carry so far that I've seen. Personally, they aren't what I'm looking for, I'm in need of some back to back seats that I can rebuild and put on my current seat frames to match my oddly shaped boat. Good luck to you! I hope you find what your looking for!
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            Re: Boat seats from Walmart? Really cheap..

            I have them. I have a large folding bucket and a back to back,,,,,look at my link. They are both wise brand and are okay. I say okay since ezmobee's thread instills seat jealousy on me!

            I am going to stay with my present ones until I decide to upgrade.
            This is a great link to boat specifications http://boatspecs.iboats.com/
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              Re: Boat seats from Walmart? Really cheap..

              I just ordered, and received, their "back-to-back" lounger and I'm actually impressed with their seats. For the money, I think it's hard to pass by. The loungers come with all plastic frames, seat boxes and aluminum hardware. They weigh nothing and the materials used in construction should mean they'll hold up as long as I need them. I'd trust the description for color and not the picture, for what it's worth.
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