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Painting over marine sealant?????

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  • Painting over marine sealant?????

    Hello, i am in the process of prepping my boat for paint and I am going to use the Interlux Perfection paint by roll and tip. I am going to spray my Interlux 2000, then primer and then roll the paint. Just wondering how I should prep around the areas that have marine sealant? I am going to paint over the sealant and wondering how it will react with the primer and paint. Another question is that am I able to paint my outboard motor cowling and lower end with the Interlux Perfection paint to give it that fresh matching look or should I just use automotive paint for that... Thanks
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    Re: Painting over marine sealant?????

    It depends on the sealant, some you can paint over, some you can't. The other thing is if the sealant flexes much the paint will most likely chip off. I try to avoid painting over it.


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      Re: Painting over marine sealant?????

      Sorry, the sealant is the 3M 5200 sealant
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        Re: Painting over marine sealant?????

        5200 is paintable. I have painted Perfection over narrow beads of it in tight corners without a problem. However, it does remain somewhat flexible so if it is in an area where it will move, the paint wont stay on it. No prep is needed over the beads themselves, but it is a good idea to wipe them with some solvent before painting and keep them clean during the process.
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