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Question about splitting the hull.

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  • Question about splitting the hull.

    Ok so it's not so much about splitting it as it is what to do with the top half while I'm working on the bottom. I've got everything loose, but was wondering if I should leave the windshield attached to give some added support while it is sitting off of the boat. I'm new to fiberglass, but have been told that it will sag and remain out of shape if you're not carefull with it. In other threads that I have read I see many people with them sitting on edge off to the side. Does this cause any sort of distortion to the cap? I hope to have it back on the hull as soon as I can, but it may take a couple months. Would it hurt to let it sit that long unsupported? Thanks.

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    Re: Question about splitting the hull.

    Clamp two or three two by fours across the width of it and store it any where you like. It'll be fine.
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      Re: Question about splitting the hull. the deck with something so it does not sag.

      Will It permanantly distort the But it will " relax " making it a pain to put back on .

      Depending on the size of the boat I would Flip it upside down over a few 4x4's and cleat ( screw ) some 2x's to the 4's. keeping the shape as close as possible. You really dont want to install a hull/deck flange after it had relaxed a little bit.

      Do your best and caulk the rest


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        Re: Question about splitting the hull.

        thanks for the advice. I'll rig something up just for my peice of mind if nothing else.